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The American Sign Language (ASL) Studies program prepares students for personal or professional related skills to be able to understand and communicate with the Deaf community in a Christ-centered faith-based setting. The vision of the ASLS program is to educate the WJU students about the Deaf community, which has its own culture and language. Through this understanding the students will have a better respect for the community as individuals in the world culture.





Students in the ASLS program will have the unique opportunity as the only Northern California ASL program that is Christ-centered. This will fulfill a need in our community to produce skilled Christian signers who can communicate and witness to/with our Deaf community. The ASLS program will prepare students with the basic courses needed if they desire to further or complement their education in the field of deaf education, special education, speech-language pathology, Deaf Studies, sign language interpreting, or other related fields of study.

This program complements any student’s learning in the field of Business, Creative Arts, Family and Children’s Ministry, Christian Leadership, TESOL, Liberal Studies, Pastoral Ministry, Psychology, Public Policy, Youth Ministry and Education. These courses add additional General Electives and meet the GE humanities requirement.

looking for more ASL resources?

Visit our Center for American Sign Language page to find ASL resources, learn about upcoming events, and see how learning ASL has impacted Jessup students and our community.

  • Appeals to visual learners and can aid in their goals
  • Boosts brain power and memory is improved
  • A person’s ability to multi-task is developed
  • The mind becomes keener
  • Multi-linguists are seen to display improved decision-making ability 
  • The first language is improved
  • Performance in other academic areas is enhanced
  • It makes a person more flexible and open to other cultures
  • A second language expands career potentials
  • It builds confidence
  • It aids in self-discovery and self-actualization
  • It boosts student creativity and improves problem solving ability

American Sign Language Studies
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American Sign Language Courses (18 units):

  • ASLS160 | American Sign Language I
  • ASLS161 | American Sign Language II
  • ASLS260 | American Sign Language III
  • ASLS261 | American Sign Language IV
  • Choose two of the following (6 units):
    • ASLS301 | Introduction to American Deaf History and Culture
    • ASLS302 | Introduction to Deaf Art, Music and Theatre
    • ASLS370 | Worship and Creative Signs
    • ASLS371 | Introduction to Deaf Theatre: Stage Production
    • ASLS375 | Experiential Learning
    • ASLS491 | American Sign Language Teaching Field Experience

To view all courses and course descriptions, please see our current Academic Catalog.

Bobbette Long

Program Advisor
Director, Center for American Sign Language

We hope our program inspires creativity in worship, develops leadership skills and connects students with the ASL community. – Bobbette Long


Bobbette (Bobbi) Long

Program Director, American Sign Language


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