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Bachelor of Arts

The Mathematics program will prepare you to serve in the marketplace in a wide range of fields including business, education, science, and engineering. In addition to developing strong logical, analytical, and computational skills, the program seeks to model Christian maturity and to guide students as they discover the glory of God in mathematics.





The mathematics major provides students with a fundamental foundation in mathematics, preparing them for further study or for careers in education or a wide spectrum of industry. The purpose of the Department of Mathematics is to support the vision and mission of William Jessup University by equipping its students with quantitative and analytical skills necessary to lead and serve in an increasingly technological world.

Assessment of student outcomes shall be accomplished primarily through a senior portfolio – a compilation of their work from throughout their Jessup experience. The completed portfolio is the final product of the senior seminar class. This seminar is the capstone class for the degree and gives students the opportunity to demonstrate verbal and written communication skills, to research mathematical topics of interest, and to prepare for future employment or advanced studies in mathematics.

Interested in K-12 Education?

Thinking of teaching mathematics at the junior high or high school? With a Mathematics degree from Jessup, you can get the CSET subject examinations in Mathematics waived!

A graduate with a Mathematics major will be able to:
  • Think logically and analytically.
  • Demonstrate problem statement and solution proficiency in a well-written proof using a variety of proof techniques.
  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate mathematics in both written form using LaTeX, and verbal form.
  • Apply mathematics to other disciplines.
  • Be prepared for graduate studies in mathematics or a related field and/or employment in mathematics or a related field.
  • Articulate the philosophical nature of mathematics from a Christian perspective.
  • Opportunities to explore complimentary degrees in computer science, data science, or business.
  • Opportunities to work on-campus tutoring mathematics.
  • Small class sizes.
  • Personalized advising.


Program Courses
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The following list of private fee based tutors is provided as a service for students, and should not be interpreted as an endorsement or recommendation by the William Jessup University Mathematics Department. Check with each individual tutor for their prices, qualifications and style of tutoring. If you are a math major or minor and wish to be listed as a private tutor please contact Bradley Wagner.

Ethyn to Calculus 2
Mikayla EricksonStudent559-410-1502mikaylaerickson.14@gmail.comup to Calculus 1
Gerd SpierAdjunct916-261-3000swbgps@gmail.comCalculus through Statistics

We hope the classes will open their eyes to the depth and beauty of mathematics. They will learn to see mathematics as more than algorithms and formulas, but as an exciting universe of structures, ideas and a window into God’s creation. – Bradley Wagner, Associate Professor


Bradley Wagner, Ph.D.

Associate Professor - The Faculty of Health, Applied, and Natural Sciences

Michelle Clark, M.A., M.S.

Lead Faculty, Mathematics
Associate Professor - The Faculty of Health, Applied, and Natural Sciences


Cynthia Voigt, M.S.

Adjunct, Mathematics

Dung Nguyen, Ph.D.

Adjunct, Computer Science & Mathematics

Gerd Spier, M.A.

Adjunct, Mathematics

Noah Boggess, M.S.

Adjunct, Mathematics

Tammy Cleek, Ph.D.

Adjunct, Kinesiology & Mathematics

Taylor Marchelle, M.A.

Adjunct, Business & Mathematics

William Harben, M.S.

Adjunct, Aviation & Mathematics


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