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Accessible Christ-centered Excellence in Higher Education

We believe today’s student should have access to an exceptional academic experience that enriches the spirit of tomorrow’s leader. The Jessup Fund enables student accessibility, academic excellence in the classroom and a vibrant campus life that promotes Christ-likeness in character and relationship. In partnership with the Church, Jessup is training and equipping thriving leaders for service in ministry, education, government, business, science, and the arts. The genesis of our students’ cultural influence starts here.

Student Accessibility

Student Scholarships

College affordability is a threat to our economy and the spiritual climate of future generations. Student loan interest rates are increasing, graduate debt is mounting and graduates often leave their university setting with limited buying power.

As a result, making tuition more affordable and accessible is among the highest priority at Jessup. Student scholarships create a pathway of transformation by reducing the burden of tuition, decreasing student loan debt, and releasing transformative leaders into our society, to the glory of His name.

Academic Excellence

Christ-centered Faculty and Programs

Academic excellence begins and ends with Christ. He is our source of all truth and wisdom. Jessup is intentional to integrate the sacred in the ordinary while seeking to fulfill the Lord’s Kingdom purposes on earth. Our students are trained and equipped to become exceptionally employable as our graduates are set apart, integrating biblical values as they enter secular industries with a sacred faith that articulates the relevance of Christ.

Our world needs Christ-honoring leaders who’ve been tested spiritually and academically to display the truth and grace of Christ while providing solutions for the world’s greatest needs. Scripture permeates each classroom enriching our students’ faith as they lead with distinction in their chosen vocations. Exuding academic rigor, Jessup’s faculty bring real-world experience to the classroom while challenging students to reach their ultimate potential in Christ.

Student Discipleship

Comprehensive Discipleship

William “Bill” Jessup said, “The best way to change culture is to start a church. The best way to start a church is to start a college.” Almost a century later, Jessup has trained and equipped thousands of Christ-honoring leaders to impact culture to the glory of God.

The core values of Jessup surround two immutable “objects”; Jesus Christ and biblical authority. With Christ the Word as our center, everything we do intentionally supports initiatives that promote the discipleship process of our students. Jessup is a place where students are conformed into the image of Christ to reflect His love, grace and truth to the world.

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“Thank you for supporting our dreams and aspirations! We could not do it without you! You make this Christ-centered community possible.”
– Alan Alltop

“Thank you to the donors of William Jessup University for giving me the chance to grow and thrive in an environment that is centered on the Lord.”
– Kaitey Vasquez

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