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Supporting God’s faithfulness in Christ-centered Higher Education

“Today we are seeing the outward manifestation of the inner grace that God is pouring out on William Jessup University,” says Dr. John Jackson. One of our most evident visuals of God’s grace is our President’s Circle members. This group of friends, alumni and organizations play a vital role in the Christ-centered mission of WJU.”

The President’s Circle is made up of generous men and women who have a passion for Christ-centered higher education and its role in redeeming world culture to the glory of God. As friends, parents, faculty, organizations and alumni, President’s Circle partners support Jessup through their finances and prayer, and connect more deeply with the university through special President’s Circle events and communications.


President’s Circle Membership - One Scholarship at a Time

President’s Circle membership begins with an annual giving level of $1,000. One thousand dollars is not just a number; instead it represents accessibility and affordability as one thousand dollars is equal to one new scholarship per year. Participating President’s Circle members are integral to the mission of Jessup as we prepare future leaders in ministry, family, government, education, business, healthcare and arts. Through your generosity, future leaders are afforded the opportunity to receive a quality Christ-centered higher education founded upon biblical world-views that will forever shape their personal and professional lives. President’s Circle giving over a four-year time period, at a minimum, pays for 25% of a student’s educational cost.

A Ministry of Jessup


As the Lord entrusts us with His resources, we are given the ministry of generosity to partner with the Lord in His kingdom work on earth for eternal impact.


We pray for the university, president, board of trustees, faculty, students and alumni.


Through Spiritual Formation Groups we serve in leadership capacities to help transform our future leaders for their missional careers and callings.


With passionate hearts for Christ-centered higher education we promote the university in our communities.
  • $1000 or $84 per month
  • Provides our future leaders the opportunity to experience a spiritually thriving campus and academic rigor.
  • $5000 or $417 per month
  • Provides agility to our future leaders and their endeavors upon graduation.
  • $10000 or $834 per month
  • Inspire future generations to pursue God’s call and vision on their lives for kingdom purposes.



  • Monthly eNewsletter with presidential updates, campus events and university news.
  • Video messages directly from President Jackson.
  • Invitations to unique President’s Circle events.
  • Welcome packet and gift upon membership entry or renewal.
  • *Staff discount to the award-winning Crossroads Cafe.
  • Thank you notes from students.
  • President’s Circle concierge staff for your personal connection to the university.

Ministry Opportunities

  • Lead a spiritual formation group on campus.
  • Invitation to participate in organized serve days on campus and in our community.

Jessup Music and Theatre Performances Privileges

  • *Discount to all regular season shows.
  • *Reserved President’s Circle seating.
  • *President’s Circle entry with Concierge.
  • *Complimentary concessions.
  • Invitation to annual limited-seating VIP event – Be the first to see the new Theatre production with refreshments and a special introduction from student actors and the director.

*Please see updated Terms and Conditions to avail these benefits. For questions regarding benefits, terms & conditions, please contact the Advancement department at (916) 577-1800.

Terms and Conditions

Active Membership is based upon annual giving during our academic year from July 1st to June 30th. The following Terms and Conditions apply to all Members of the President’s Circle, effective for the current academic year.

The use of and participation in the President’s Circle Membership exclusive benefits requires the following:

To guarantee reserved seating, ticket discount and complimentary concessions for all Jessup Music and Theatre performances, the President’s Circle unique code is required at checkout.

  1. Use the unique code at checkout for all Guests of President’s Circle Members to ensure reserved seating.
  2. Check in at the President’s Circle concierge table to claim complimentary concession waiver at each show.
  3. Arrive no later than ten minutes prior to each show to guarantee reserved seats.

The use of and participation in the President’s Circle Membership exclusive staff discount at the Crossroads Cafe requires display of the Membership lapel pin, sent by mail upon entry or renewal of Membership. Please contact the University Advancement office at 916-577-1800 for replacement lapel pins.

There are hundreds of future leaders who desire a Christ-centered education founded upon biblical principles, but simply can’t afford it. Become that answer to prayer today by joining the President’s Circle.
Under gift designation, please select “President’s Circle Membership – Join/Renew”

Your President’s Circle Concierge

As a valued member we desire to serve you by keeping you connected to Jessup.
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