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The BSN four year degree program is an evidence-based, skills developing, productive, and inspiring program for principled pre-professionals in the healthcare field. The program prepares graduates for the demanding but rewarding nursing profession with significant emphasis on prevention, education, spiritual guidance, nutrition, active engagement with healthcare leaders and innovative technology applications. The goal is to provide students with the knowledge and wisdom to impact people of all diversities and environments. Take your first steps by applying to Jessup.





Jessup University’s Bachelors of Science in Nursing degree program conforms and adheres to the tenets, requirements and beliefs of Jessup University (see Jessup Statement of Faith and Community Covenant). In the past century, the development and expansion of medical and health services, the changing patterns of modern life, and the advances in technology have not only expanded the scope of nursing education but have also made nursing a more highly complex profession that calls for a deeper focus on the art and science of caring. Jessup endeavors to develop nurse leaders who have all the core competencies for entry into practice that meet this complexity with knowledge, skill, compassion, and technological expertise. Jessup will develop nurses who will understand the dynamics of the human condition, both physically, emotionally, spiritually, and who will be grounded in a professional identity that calls for delivery of excellent skills applications and individualized compassionate care.

Nursing is more than just a scientific discipline that is involved with the diagnosis and treatment of potential and actual responses to illness and disease. Jessup believes it is a dynamic profession that should take a holistic approach to healing and healthcare. Nurses should always have the goal of promoting comfort, healing, and wholeness by also aiding patients to attain the best possible level of self-care. Nurses must be accountable to patients, families, and communities. They must be aware of the diverse and underserved populations, their social determinants of care, and their health, financial and social challenges. Jessup believes that nursing functions at its best when there is collaboration with other health care professionals who also advocate and treat patients with respect, dignity, and confidentiality. 

  • Apply knowledge from nursing, the sciences, liberal arts, and a Christian worldview to effectively fulfill professional nursing roles.
  • Promote client health in a culturally relevant manner through collaborative processes.
  • Incorporate critical thinking, health care information technology, and evidence-based research findings for clinical judgements and decision making to promote safety and quality and improve client health outcomes.
  • Effectively communicate through verbal, nonverbal, and technological means with individuals, families, and communities to achieve person-centered care for mutually determined health outcomes. 
  • Conduct self as a member of the nursing profession by integrating Christian values, professional standards, and ethical perspectives.
  • Advocate to advance population health and access to health care to promote justice for all, with sensitivity to diversity, equity and inclusion, especially the underserved.
  • Lead in a collaborative manner to enhance systems of care to achieve quality and effectiveness of nursing practice and function independently as a leader or member of a healthcare team.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to service of others, effective stewardship of resources, personal growth, and lifelong learning.
  • Faculty mentors assigned to students
  • Medical field missions opportunities – local and international
  • State-of-the-art simulation lab
  • Faith-based higher education

Program Coures (64 units)

  • NURS361 | Nursing Fundamentals Theory 
  • NURS361P | Nursing Fundamentals Clinical Lab
  • NURS201 | Introduction to Professional Nursing
  • NURS322 | Health Assessment Theory
  • NURS322P | Health Assessment Skills Lab
  • NURS341 | Pharmacology
  • NURS362 | Adult Health I Theory
  • NURS362P | Adult Health I Clinical Lab
  • NURS200 | Ethical & Spiritual Decision Making in Healthcare
  • NURS464 | Adult Health II Theory
  • NURS464P | Adult Health II Clinical Lab
  • NURS310 | Psych/Mental Health Nursing Theory
  • NURS310P | Psych/Mental Health Nursing Clinical Lab
  • NURS368 | Nursing Care in Childbearing: Maternal & Newborn Theory
  • NURS368P | Nursing Care in Childbearing: Maternal & Newborn Clinical Lab
  • NURS369 | Nursing Care in Childrearing:  Children and Adolescents Theory
  • NURS369P | Nursing Care in Childrearing: Children and Adolescents Clinical Lab
  • NURS468 | Nursing Care of Communities: Public Health Theory
  • NURS468P | Nursing Care of Communities: Public Health Clinical lab
  • NURS390 | Statistics and Data Management for Nursing & Healthcare
  • NURS450 | Faithful Leading in Professional Nursing Theory
  • NURS450P | Faithful Leading in Professional Nursing Clinical Lab
  • NURS498 | Nursing Capstone Theory
  • NURS498P | Nursing Capstone Clinical Lab
  • NURS490 | Nursing Research and Information Systems

To view all courses and course descriptions, please see our current Academic Catalog.

Jessup Nursing Program Application Process:


All students seeking admission to the Nursing Program at Jessup University must first be admitted into the University. Students will be accepted into Jessup University based on established admissions criteria. Admission into the University and pre-nursing track does not guarantee admission into the Nursing Program.

In order to ensure the most qualified candidates are accepted into the program, additional admissions criteria and recommended courses are required.

Steps to Apply to Jessup Nursing Program:

  • Complete the Jessup University Undergraduate application at
  • Send official college transcripts to
  • Complete prerequisites
    • If transferring, transcripts need to be reviewed by the Dean and/or Program Director.
    • In progress prerequisite courses are allowed, however they must be completed with a “B” or better and the transcripts must be sent to as soon as the course has been completed.
  • Complete the Jessup BSN Application
    • Students that have completed the Nursing Program prerequisite courses, or will have completed them the fall prior to the spring BSN Cohort start, are eligible to apply to the Nursing Program. The BSN application opens May 1 and closes August 1 each year for a spring BSN Cohort.
    • Program Materials: TEAS Test
      A minimum score of 70% on the ATI-TEAS test is required for admission to the Nursing Program. An official ATI-TEAS score will also need to be sent to Jessup University. Please visit to request your official score.
    • Personal Statement/Questions: Complete the essay questions and Statement of Faith.
    • References: 2 letters of recommendation are required as part of the application process.


  • While current Jessup students are given priority, each year slots may be filled by transfer students and readmitted students. Admission into the Nursing Program is competitive and completion of the prerequisite classes and the application does not guarantee acceptance into the major.
  • Admission into the nursing major is conditional until all in progress prerequisite classes (those taken during the semester of application) are completed with a grade of “B” or higher.

Dr. George R. Stubblefield, DC, IDE, ACSM

Dean, Professor – School of Natural and Applied Sciences

mailto icon

Dr. Jennifer “Jen” Millar, DNP, MSN, RN

Nursing Program Director

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Associate Professor, Nursing

Teresa Dodson, DNP, MSN-Ed, BSN, DSD, RN

Simulation Lab Coordinator

Dr. Kim Cristobal, DNP, MSN-Ed, RN

Associate Professor, Nursing

Kerry Irvine

Operations & Administrative Assistant - School of Natural and Applied Sciences


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