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Bachelor of Science

The Jessup University Business Administration program prepares students to be highly principled, competent, servant-leaders in business and society. The program emphasizes Christian principles and professional ethics in the following business concentrations: accounting, finance, entrepreneurship, marketing, management, project management, and more. The program prepares graduates to be trusted transformational business professionals through a rigorous and relevant academic experience, including a practical and industry-based internship. Moreover, you will be encouraged, engaged, and equipped by a highly dedicated and qualified faculty who desire to help you reach your God-given potential.





The business administration major is built on a foundation of essential core business courses, plus a set of specialized courses in business (in one of the concentrations of your choosing mentioned above). The knowledge and skills you will learn in the business program will add much value to any organization you are led to serve in. The business undergraduate program will also provide a solid foundation for those who desire to earn a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree or Master of Accountancy (MAcc) degree, or other business related graduate degrees.

Organizational Performance and Student Achievement

Did you know a mathematics minor is the perfect complement to your business major? When you pair business with math, you’ll not only gain strong analytical thinking skills, you’ll be ready to pursue an advanced degree in economics or finance. To learn more, visit their program page.

  • Integrate and apply scriptural principles in business and society to make ethical decisions.
  • Communicate in a transformational manner, both verbally and in writing.
  • Critically and creatively assess a wide-variety of stewardship opportunities.
  • Construct viable solutions to multifaceted business problems operations.
  • Evaluate business environments and strategies from a domestic and international perspective.
  • Ethical decision making
  • Analytical skill development
  • Entrepreneurship
  • International perspectives
  • Leadership skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Small class sizes
  • Personalized advising
  • Connections with local business
  • Christ-centered, faith-based courses
  • Member of local area Chambers of Commerce
  • WASC Accredited

Program Concentrations
Accounting (Offered at Portland Campus Only)
General Business
Finance (Offered at Rocklin Campus Only)
Marketing (Not available Online)
Project Management (Offered Online Only)
Digital Marketing (Offered Online Only; Not available at Portland Campus)
Public Relations (Offered Online Only; Not available at Portland Campus) 
Supply Chain Management (Offered Online Only; Not available at Portland Campus)

Program Courses (Courses for on-campus and online modalities are identical).

  • Major Courses (9 Units): The following courses are part of the requirement for this major and are recommended to fulfill general education requirements or must be taken as part of a student’s major elective choices.
    • BUS241 | Microeconomics
    • BUS290 | Business Statistics
    • BUS302 | Organizational Communication
  • Core Courses (41 Units)
    • BUS101 | Introduction to Business
    • BUS140 | Management and Organizational Behavior
    • BUS210 | Management Information Systems
    • BUS240 | Macroeconomics
    • BUS242 | Personal Finance
    • ACCT247 | Fundamentals of Accounting 
    • BUS260 | Business Law
    • BUS305 | Business Ethics
    • BUS320 | Marketing
    • BUS342 | Financial Management
    • BUS372 | International Business
    • BUS381 | Operations Management
    • BUS475 | Business internship
    • BUS498 | Strategic Management

Business Concentrations: Students must choose a concentration listed below.

  • General Business Concentration (12 units): Choose 12 units of business electives not found in the business core requirements.
  • Accounting Concentration (15 units)(Portland Only)
    • ACC343 | Intermediate Accounting I
    • ACC344 | Intermediate Accounting II
    • ACC441 | Auditing
    • ACC442 | Federal Tax I
    • ACC443 | Federal Tax II
  • Digital Marketing Concentration (12 units)(Online Only; Not available in Portland)
      • BUS322 | Social Media Marketing
      • BUS325 | Email Marketing
      • BUS324 | SEO & SEM
      • BUS422 | Digital Marketing Analytics
  • Entrepreneurship Concentration (12 units)
    • BUS331 | Social Entrepreneurship
    • BUS388 | Entrepreneurship
    • BUS432 | New Venture Finance
    • BUS433 | Managing and Growing New Ventures
  • Finance Concentration (12 units)(Online in Rocklin campus only)
    • BUS348 | Money and Banking
    • BUS349 | Risk Management
    • BUS449 | Advanced Managerial Finance
    • BUS495 | Investment Analysis
  • Management Concentration (12 units)
    • BUS382 | Human Resource Management
    • BUS384 | Management Leadership
    • BUS385 | Project Management
    • BUS388 | Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing Concentration (12 units)(Not available Online)
    • BUS321 | Sales and Negotiation Strategies
    • BUS420 | Marketing Communication
    • BUS421 | International Marketing
    • BUS492 | Marketing Research
  • Project Management Concentration (12 units)(Online Only)
    • BUS351 | Project Management Tools and Techniques
    • BUS352 | Project Cost & Budget Management
    • BUS355 | Project Quality Management
    • BUS354 | Project Risk Management
  • Public Relations Concentration (12 units)(Online Only: Not available in Portland)
    • DCD310 | Writing for Digital Platforms
    • BUS301 | Strategic Public Relations
    • BUS303 | Public Relations Tactics
    • BUS402 | Crisis Communications
  • Supply Chain Management (12 units)(Online Only; Not available in Portland))
    • BUS251 | Supply Chain Management Technologies
    • BUS356 | Forecasting & Logistics
    • BUS357 | Sourcing & Operations
    • BUS458 | Supply Chain Capstone

To view all courses and course descriptions, please see our current Academic Catalog.

Business Minor Courses (21 units)

  • BUS140 | Management and Organizational Behavior
  • BUS210 | Management Information Systems
  • BUS246 | Managerial Accounting
  • BUS260 | Business Law
  • BUS320 | Marketing
  • BUS342 | Financial Management
  • BUS381 | Operations Management

To view all courses and course descriptions, please see our current Academic Catalog.

Considering the Jessup Online experience? Please take a look below to explore some of the differences between this program on-campus and online.

  • 15 week classes
  • Organically build face-to-face community in a central location
  • Finance your education through grants, loans, and Jessup aid
  • Participate in spontaneous events, study groups, and activities
  • Drop in during faculty office hours 
  • Peruse our two-story collection of Library print resources and conveniently access equipment 
  • Explore local job and internship opportunities
  • Meet side-by-side with peer tutors 
  • Enjoy dedicated study time and spaces outside the home
  • 7 week classes (Full-time is 2 courses per semester and 4 courses per semester)
  • 6 start dates per year
  • Study from the comfort of home, on your own schedule
  • Participate in a flexible, 100% online learning environment
  • Finance your education with grants, loans, and limited Jessup aid
  • Engage in class discussions
  • Connect personally with faculty 
  • Learn and grow alongside classmates with similar goals and dreams 
  • Access the Library’s vast archive of books, journals, and audiovisual materials
  • Explore the Academic Achievement Center’s online resources, including tutoring, success coaching, and appointments with the Writing Center and Office of Career & Life Planning

Manuel Salazar III, Ed.D., M.B.A., C.P.A.

MAcc Director, Associate Dean – School of Business

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Assistant Professor; Program Director - BS in Business Administration (Portland)

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Associate Dean - School of Business; MAcc Director

Assistant Professor; Program Director - BS in Business Administration

Director of Graduate Studies; Assistant Professor, School of Business

Associate Professor - School of Business

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