Master of Arts in Teaching


Master of Arts (MAT)

The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program is skillfully designed for students seeking to complete educational research and earn a Multiple Subject or Single Subject Teaching Credential for public or private school. Taught by seasoned faculty with both academic and field experience, this program covers 41 units of teaching preparation courses. Built around a cohort model, our future teachers quickly bond and grow as they learn together.





All candidates participating in the Master of Arts in Teaching program will experience some degree of transformation. However, it is expected that each brings a pre-existing foundation of knowledge, depth of content, and life experience into their graduate level education. Furthermore, all candidates will complete introductory, practice, and demonstration assignments with their best efforts to help develop the scholar-practitioner graduate culture at Jessup. While engaged in their studies, candidates will thrive spiritually, receive a quality liberal arts education, and develop highly employable skills.

This program is approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

  • One evening a week
  • Personalized advising
  • Increased salary scale
  • Multiple Subject or Single Subject Credential program
  • Opportunities to instruct and design learning experiences for students
  • Experience in creating and maintaining effective learning environments 
  • Career-ready curriculum that integrates Christian spiritual formation
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • GPA 3.0 minimum
  • CSET (completed or proof of registration)
  • Basic Skills Requirement (BSR)
  • Certificate of Clearance
  • Personal Statement Essay
  • TB test clearance
  • U.S. Constitution requirement
  • 90 hrs field experience log
  • 1 letter of recommendation, from an educational or employment setting (This is not needed from anyone who successfully completed undergrad from Jessup.)

Credentials Offered
Multiple Subject Credential
Single Subject Credentials:

  • Agriculture
  • Art
  • Business
  • English Language Arts
  • English Language Development
  • Health Science
  • Home Economics
  • Industrial & Technology Education
  • Mathematics
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • Science
  • Social Science/History
  • World Languages

Core Courses (41 units)

  • EDU501 | Educational Foundations
  • EDU505 | Literacy Instruction across the Curriculum
  • EDU506 | Psychological Foundations
  • EDU507 | Social Cultural Foundations of Education
  • EDU508 | Curriculum and Instruction I: Designing/Assessing Instruction
  • EDU509 | Curriculum and Instruction II: Create/Maintain Effective Learning Environments
  • EDU572 | Research Methods
  • EDU575 | Student Teaching Seminar I
  • EDU576 | Student Teaching Seminar II
  • EDU671 | Research Project

To view all courses and course descriptions, please see our current Academic Catalog.

Q: Is the Master of Arts in Teaching program approved by the State of CA? 
A: Yes. Our program meets the requirements of the State of California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

Q: What credential can I earn through Jessup?
A: We offer the Multiple Subject credential and Single Subjects.

Q: How can I find out the State requirements for credentialing?
A: Check the website of the State of California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC).

Q: How long will it take me to earn the credential?
A: 16 months.

Q: How long will it take to complete the entire Master of Arts in Teaching?
A: About 24 months

Q: Can I just do the credential program and not the master’s degree?
A: Yes. Our program is designed to enable you to complete the requirements for the credential first, then the master’s thesis portion. After completing the credential you may “opt out”. You have seven years to return and complete the remaining units for the master’s degree.

Q: May I transfer in units from another program?
A: We allow up to nine (9) units to transfer in from an approved credential program. This is determined at the discretion of the graduate admissions committee.

Q: How many units are in the program?
A: The Master of Arts in Teaching is 41 units. The credential work is completed in the first 34 units.

Q: What is the cost of tuition?
A: The cost per unit is $660.

Q: Is there financial aid available?
A: Yes. Government loans are available to qualified individuals who complete the FAFSA and are enrolled in a minimum of four units per semester. In addition, the university offers the Church Partnership grant to any student who attends a church who is one of our partners. A list of church partners is on the financial aid page of our website.

Q: How long is each course?
A: Most courses are seven weeks. A few are five weeks long.

Q: What is a cohort?
A: A cohort is a group. You will be going through each class with the same group of people.

Q: How many students are in a typical cohort?
A: We average 15 – 20 students in a cohort.

Q: How much homework will there be each week?
A: Courses are designed for 10-12 hours per week of work. Some students may work more quickly. Others may require additional time.

Q: Will I be required to do group work?
A: Groups assignments are not the norm. However, in every course you will be expected to participate in online discussions.

Q: At the end will there be a thesis required, or final project?
A: Yes. The Master of Arts in Teaching degree requires a thesis at the end of the coursework. You will have a mentor to advise you through this process.







Pam Castleman, Ed.D.

Associate Dean of Graduate Studies

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