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Students studying history at Jessup will find themselves well prepared for graduate study in a number of related disciplines in the liberal arts as well as law school. Students planning on entering seminary will find in a Jessup history major a suitable course of study as well – particularly when considered along with the Bible and theology classes required of all students. In conjunction with the Teacher Education program, students should be well prepared for a single subject credential in history.





The History major at Jessup is unique in that it not only reflects a traditional history curriculum found in the best Liberal Arts institutions but also requires several courses offered by the English and Public Policy departments. Consequently, this makes for a stronger, better-rounded major. Reflecting Jessup’s deep roots in Evangelical Christianity, a required course in the History of the Renaissance and Reformation, as well as electives such as American Religious History and Early Church History, add a further unique flavor to the program. Concentrations in American History, Classical Studies, and Church History allow students to specialize in a variety of historical fields and time periods.

  • Demonstrate significant general knowledge in and understanding of history
  • Engage in informed dialog with culture
  • Evaluate the various cultural underpinnings and applications of the course of study.
  • Describe various philosophical approaches to the discipline and determine how those approaches fit in with current approaches to other disciples.
  • Undertake significant primary research in a historical subject and communicate the findings.
  • Think and write clearly and analytically.
  • Be prepared for graduate study in a variety of programs.

Program Concentrations
American History

Program Courses

  • Major Courses (9 units)
    • HIST231 | World Civilization I
    • HIST232 | World Civilization II
    • PHIL271 | Introduction to Philosophy
  • Core Courses (27 units)
    • HIST291 | American History
    • HIST371 | The Twentieth Century
    • HIST331 or HIST336 | History and Archaeology of Ancient Greece or History and Archaeology of Ancient Rome
    • HIST441 | Renaissance and Reformation
    • HIST481 | California History
    • HIST498 | Research and Historiography
    • PPOL111 | American Government
    • Public Policy (Choose one of the following)
      • PPOL325 | Comparative Government and Politics
      • PPOL341 | Political Economy
      • PPOL361 | Constitution and Civil Rights
    • Literature (Choose one of the following)
      • ENGL220| Foundations of British Literature
      • ENGL221 | British Literature since 1800
      • ENGL231 | American Literature to 1865
      • ENGL232 | American Literature 1865 to Present

History Concentrations: Students must choose a concentration listed below.

  • American History Concentration (15 units)
    • HIST315 | History of Religion in America
    • HIST381 | History of Colonial America
    • History Electives (2)
    • Choose one of the following:
      • HIST494 | Modern US History
      • HIST383 | Civil War
      • HIST485 | American Frontier
      • HIST461 | Latin American History
  • General Concentration (15 units)
    • History Electives (5)

To view all courses and course descriptions, please see our current Academic Catalog.

History Minor Courses (18 units)

  • HIST291 | American History
  • HIST331 | History and Archeology of Ancient Greece or HIST336 | History and Archeology of Ancient Rome
  • HIST310 | The Early Church: Paul to Justinian or HIST315 | History of Religion in America
  • HIST481 | California History or HIST371 | Twentieth Century
  • History electives (6 units)

To view all courses and course descriptions, please see our current Academic Catalog.

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