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The Digital Humanities major is designed to equip students for a rapidly changing twenty-first-century environment. By acquiring both soft and technical skills, students develop a competitive advantage, making them highly desirable in the modern job market. The program combines core elements of a traditional humanities degree with innovative skills in data analysis and artificial intelligence. While completing coursework in history and literature, students conduct original research utilizing cutting-edge tools in AI, machine learning, and data science.

The major offers three concentrations:

  • Creative Writing – cultivates students’ craft in poetry, prose and instructs them in the mechanics of writing and publication
  • Humanities – provides a robust offering of upper-division English, History, and Public Policy electives
  • History – designed for students interested in teaching, law, public service or further graduate studies
  • Describe key ideas and inventions that shaped the history of thought and technology
  • Write and communicate clearly and effectively in diverse contexts
  • Articulate how a Gospel Worldview informs research in the Digital Humanities
  • Employ tools for the analysis and visualization of data related to history and literature
  • Undertake primary research in a topic of social, cultural, or historical significance, and communicate the findings effectively

Program Courses (39 units)

Core Courses (27 units)

  • DHUM101 | Introduction to Digital Humanities
  • DHUM280 | Writing with AI
  • DCD210 | Writing for the Media
  • ENGL382 | Perfect Sentence
  • ENGL436 | Psychology of Storytelling
  • DHUM300 | History of Ideas and their Consequences
  • DHUM320 | History of Technology
  • DHUM475 | Practicum/Internship/Field Experience
  • DHUM498 | Digital Humanities Capstone

Concentrations (Choose one of the following 12-unit concentrations):

  • Creative Writing Concentration
    • ENGL286 | Creative Writing 
    • ENGL384 | Metonym
    • ENGL399 | Writing and Publishing the Novel
    • Creative Writing/Digital Comm, Art & Design Elective
  • Humanities Concentration
    • PPOL201 | Political Theory and Philosophy or PPOL221 | Political Processes
    • English Elective
    • 2 History Elective
  • History Concentration
    • Choose 12 units from the History Minor (see Academic Catalog for course list)

To view all courses and course descriptions, please see our current Academic Catalog.

Cameron Wilson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

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Associate Professor - School of Humanities & the Arts

Associate Professor - School of Humanities and the Arts

Professor - School of Humanities and Arts

Associate Professor - School of Humanities & the Arts

Associate Professor - School of Humanities & the Arts

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