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Jessup University’s Political Science Degree program is dedicated to preparing tomorrow’s leaders today. This unique, multidisciplinary program integrates Christian education, political science and public administration to equip students for graduate school and careers in the public sector. The program develops Christian critical thinkers to analyze today’s issues, implement tomorrow’s policies, and lead our community, state, nation and world ethically and effectively.

51-54 UNITS




The program is designed to develop students’ knowledge and skills for service and leadership in public sector careers at the local, national, and international levels or for graduate studies in related fields. The political science major will provide students with a biblical and theoretical foundation in the political sphere through course work in ethical, philosophical, historical, governmental, procedural, and managerial principles. The program will build on this foundation by offering direct experiences through seminars, internships, and events to develop practical skills and understanding for policymaking.

  • Understand biblical and ethical principles and standards and apply them to public policy issues and institutions.
  • Appreciate the significance of civil society and actively engage in civic participation.
  • Develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and management skills for policymaking and public administration.
  • Recognize and interrelate political structures, participants, and principles for policymaking and implementation.
  • Acquire and apply knowledge of American and comparative history and government to current events, issues, and institutions.
  • Acquire and apply knowledge of constitutional and international principles and organizations for governance, civic participation, and civil and human rights.
  • Identify and utilize effective and principled methods and approaches to political process, policy research and analysis, and public administration.
  • Integrate political knowledge and policy principles to practical public sector fields such as communications and media, criminal justice, economics and management, government and politics, and law and policy.

Program Concentrations

Criminal Justice
Public Administration
Government and Politics

Program Courses

  • Major Courses (15 Units): The following courses are part of the requirement for this major and are recommended to fulfill general education requirements.
    • BUS240 | Macroeconomics
    • BUS241 | Microeconomics
    • COMM180 or PSYC222 | Speech or Interpersonal Processes
    • HIST291 | American History
    • PHIL271 | Introduction to Philosophy
  • Core Courses (42 Units)
    • PPOL111 | American Government
    • PPOL201 | Political Theory and Philosophy
    • PPOL221 | Political Process
    • PPOL253 | Public Administration I
    • PPOL304 | Ethics in Public Policy
    • PPOL324 | State and Local Government
    • PPOL341 | Political Economy
    • PPOL353 | Public Administration II
    • PPOL361 | Constitution and Civil Rights
    • PPOL365 | American Foreign Policy
    • PPOL463 | International Relations and Human Rights
    • PPOL475 | Public Policy Internship
    • PPOL491 | Political Research and Policy Analysis
    • PPOL498 | Senior Seminar: Leadership and Service

Political Science Concentrations: Students must choose a concentration listed below.

  • General Concentration (9 units): Choose nine units of electives from any of the concentrations.
  • Criminal Justice Concentration (12 units): Choose four courses from the following:
    • CJUS100 | Introduction to Criminal Justice
    • CJUS101 | Corrections
    • CJUS230 | Introduction to Criminal Law
    • CJUS231 | Laws of Arrest, Search, and Seizure
    • CJUS300 | Criminology
    • CJUS301 | Crime Prevention Strategies
    • CJUS310 | Forensics
    • CJUS320 | Police and Society
    • CJUS420 | Procedural Justice and Implicit Bias
    • CJUS440 | Violence and Terrorism
  • Government and Politics Concentration (12 units): Choose four courses from the following:
    • PPOL321 | Legislative Process
    • POL325 | Comparative Government and Politics
    • PPOL328 | American Presidency
    • PPOL329 | Campaign Organizing
    • PPOL363 | Law and Social Policy
    • PPOL365 | American Foreign Policy
    • PPOL440 | Violence and Terrorism
    • PPOL464 | International Conflict and Conflict Resolution
    • PPOL465 | Global Advocacy and Diplomacy
    • PPOL470 | First Amendment
    • ENGL231 | American Literature to 1865 OR ENGL232 | American Literature 1865 to Present
    • HIST372 | Christianity and Islam in Conflict
    • HIST481 | California History
    • ICS320OL | World Religions
  • Pre-Law Concentration (12 units): Choose four courses from the following:
    • BUS260 | Business Law
    • CJUS230 | Introduction to Criminal Law
    • CJUS320 | Police and Society
    • PPOL363 | Law and Social Policy
    • PPOL466 | Administrative Law
    • PPOL470 | First Amendment
    • ESCI360 | Environmental Law and Policy

To view all courses and course descriptions, please see our current Academic Catalog.

Political Science Minor Courses (21 units)

  • HIST291 | American History
  • PPOL111 | American Government
  • PPOL201 | Political Theory and Philosophy
  • PPOL221 | Political Process
  • PPOL361 | Constitution and Civil Right
  • PPOL463 | International Relations and Human Rights
  • Political Science elective

To view all courses and course descriptions, please see our current Academic Catalog.

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Program Chair

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