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Bachelor of Arts

The English program at Jessup offers several distinctives. First of all, we approach the study of literature and writing with a Christian worldview. We believe that all truth is God’s truth and that the study of great writings throughout the ages can give us a glimpse of God’s interaction with the world that He created. Secondly, we offer concentrations in both creative and professional writing—a rarity in undergraduate programs at Christian colleges—because we are committed to the highest standards for Christian writers. Finally, we know that the study of literature and of writing can be and should be a transformative experience, and we desire that all students should grow to know themselves, others, and God more deeply through their study of English.

42 – 51 UNITS




Although many English majors go on to be teachers, the major is also excellent preparation for other fields. Many English graduates go on to law school or to graduate work in the humanities or education. Others find satisfying careers in fields where good communication and people skills are important, such as ministry, human resources, or technical writing. And of course, many go on to become writers themselves.

The major in English with a concentration in teaching is approved as a subject matter preparation program by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. Students that complete the major and concentration have satisfied the subject matter requirements without needing to take the state subject matter competence exam (CSET) in English.

  • Critically analyze works of poetry, fiction, and drama from various eras of American and English literature.
  • Think and write clearly and analytically.
  • Integrate aesthetic appreciation and evaluation in a wide variety of written genres.
  • Integrate their faith and their learning in the discipline.
  • Complete an original work of criticism.
  • Be prepared for entrance into a single-subject credential program in English.
  • Demonstrate acquisition of content in the four English domains of literature and textual analysis; language, linguistics, and literacy; composition and rhetoric; and communications, speech, media, and creative performance.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of current and emerging issues in literacy, language acquisition, and multicultural studies.
  • Interpret works in a wide variety of genres, including non-literary, visual, and technologically mediated texts, and from canonical as well as diverse sources, in their cultural contexts.

Program Concentrations
Creative Writing
Professional Writing

Program Courses

  • Major Courses (15 units)
    • HIST231/HIST232 | Western Civilization I and II
    • HIST291 | American History
    • PHIL271 | Introduction to Philosophy
    • PSYC100 | Introduction to Psychology
    • PSYC141 | Developmental Psychology
  • Core Courses (24 units)
    • ENGL160 | Introduction to Literary Studies
    • ENGL220 | Foundations of British Literature
    • ENGL221 | British Literature since 1800
    • ENGL231 or ENGL232 | American Literature to 185 or American Literature 1865 to Present
    • ENGL320 | Shakespeare
    • ENGL382 | The Perfect Sentence
    • English Electives

English Concentrations: Students must choose a concentration listed below.

  • Literature Concentration (18 units)
    • ENGL360 | Critical Analysis of Literature
    • ENGL497 | Advanced Seminar in Literature
    • Upper Division Electives
  • Creative Writing Concentration (18 units)
    • ENGL286 | Creative Writing
    • ENGL386 | Advanced Creative Writing
    • ENGL498CW | Advanced Seminar in Creative Writing
    • Upper Division English Electives
  • Teaching Concentration (24-27 units)
    • ENGL286 | Creative Writing
    • ENGL350 | Children’s Literature
    • ENGL360 | Critical Analysis of Literature
    • ENGL475 | English Practicum
    • ENGL498T | Advanced Seminar in Teaching
    • COMM180 | Public Speaking
    • TEDU323 | Language, Culture, and Literacy
    • Upper Division English Electives
  • Professional Writing Concentration (18-21 units)
    • ENGL363 | Introduction to Professional Writing
    • ENGL475 | English Practicum
    • ENGL498PW | Advanced Seminar in Professional Writing
    • BUS302 | Organizational Communication
    • Upper Division English Electives

To view all courses and course descriptions, please see our current Academic Catalog.

English Minor Courses (21 units)

  • ENGL220 | Foundations of British Literature
  • ENGL221 | British Literature since 1800
  • ENGL231 | American Literature to 1865 or ENGL232 | American Literature 1865 to Present
  • ENGL286 | Creative Writing or ENGL360 | Critical Analysis of Literature
  • ENGL320 | Shakespeare
  • Upper division English electives (6 units)

To view all courses and course descriptions, please see our current Academic Catalog.

Cameron Wilson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Students who study English at WJU will be transformed by the study of language, literature, and writing, and carry with them into the world a passion for narratives and the written word. – Cameron Wilson


Cameron Wilson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor - School of Humanities & the Arts

Dorisa D. Costello, Ph.D.

Associate Professor—The School of Humanities and the Arts


Erin Donoho

Adjunct, English

Karen Tomlin

Adjunct, English

Scott Beard

Adjunct, English

Tim Brown

Adjunct, English


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Brian Lucas is “an institutional treasure,” according to Cameron Wilson, Chair of the English Department at Jessup. With a rich background in everything from pastoral ministry to bookstore ownership to teaching college, Brian embodies much of Jessup’s history and values. One of Jessup’s aims is to educate lifelong learners—women and…

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