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Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies provides students with a strong biblical foundation for viewing all of life through the lens of the biblical redemption storyline. Students develop skills that enable them to understand the core linguistic, literary, historical, and cultural contexts of the Bible.





The BA in Biblical Studies benefits students enormously, because it is a clear, unmistakable flagship scholarly biblical degree. This degree provides strong curriculum for students seeking to be thought-leaders in church and society. The degree may be taken by those planning a teaching career in Christian schools, colleges, and universities; students preparing for pastoral and teaching ministries in the church; or those already in the pastorate. Graduates with this degree will be on track for careers in academic scholarship, as theologians and thought-leaders within the church, and as Christian writers. Also, Christian grade school teachers of the Bible would find this an excellent complement to the teacher education program. Other possible vocational uses of the major include intercultural studies professionals, Christian missionaries, those interested in language study and Bible translation, and Christian church leaders desiring a thorough biblical education.

  • Identify the core elements of the biblical storyline and explain how the individual parts contribute to and develop the storyline, and vice versa.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in one of the biblical languages (Greek or Hebrew).
  • Exegete Scripture contextually and meaningfully.
  • Synthesize biblical studies with their own personal spiritual formation.
  • Articulate the importance and relevance of strong thought-leadership for cultural change.

Pastoral Ministry
Youth Ministry

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Our goal is to help students to gain the knowledge and skills they need to interpret Scripture in light of its historical, cultural, literary, and theological contexts, and by so doing live faithful, just, and compassionate lives wherever God has called them to serve in his kingdom. – Libby Backfish


Cynthia Shafer-Elliott, Ph.D.

Associate Dean, Associate Professor - School of Theology & Leadership

Elizabeth H. P. Backfish, Ph.D.

Associate Professor - School of Theology & Leadership

Mark Moore, Ph.D.

Associate Professor - School of Theology & Leadership

Matthew Godshall, Ph.D.

Associate Professor - School of Theology & Leadership


Andrew Asane

Adjunct, Bible & Theology

Andrew Hassler

Adjunct, Bible & Theology

Bill Walker

Adjunct, Bible & Theology

Brandon Kertson

Adjunct, Bible & Theology

Corbett Cutts

Adjunct, Bible & Theology

Damian Horne

Adjunct, Bible & Theology

Jessica Charney

Adjunct, Bible & Theology

Jessica Rentz

Adjunct, Bible & Theology, Online

Joe Lee

Adjunct, Bible & Theology

Jordan L. Brown.

Adjunct, Bible & Theology

Kristin Ball

Adjunct, Theology

Leonard Lee

Adjunct, Bible & Theology


Brian Lucas is “an institutional treasure,” according to Cameron Wilson, Chair of the English Department at Jessup. With a rich background in everything from pastoral ministry to bookstore ownership to teaching college, Brian embodies much of Jessup’s history and values. One of Jessup’s aims is to educate lifelong learners—women and…

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