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Bachelor of Arts | Associate of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies provides students with a strong gospel worldview for viewing all of life through the lens of the biblical redemption storyline. Students develop skills that enable them to understand the core linguistic, literary, historical, and cultural contexts of the Bible.





The BA in Biblical Studies benefits students enormously because it is a clear, unmistakable flagship scholarly biblical degree. This degree provides strong curriculum for students seeking to be thought-leaders in church and society. The degree may be taken by those planning a teaching career in Christian schools, colleges, and universities; students preparing for pastoral and teaching ministries in the church; or those already in the pastorate. Graduates with this degree will be on track for careers in academic scholarship, as theologians and thought-leaders within the church, and as Christian writers. Also, Christian grade school teachers of the Bible would find this an excellent complement to the teacher education program. Other possible vocational uses of the major include intercultural studies professionals, Christian missionaries, those interested in language study and Bible translation, and Christian church leaders desiring a thorough Gospel worldview.

  • Exegete scripture in the light of its historical, cultural, and literary context and its original languages
  • Demonstrate relevant and diverse research in conversation with diverse perspectives
  • Employ oral and written communication skills that exhibit strong thought and leadership
  • Identify intertextual links and trace key theological themes within the metanarrative of scripture
  • Integrate and apply their biblical studies with their own spiritual formation and contemporary issues

Program Concentrations
Pastoral Ministry
Youth Ministry

Program Courses

  • Major Courses (42 Units): The following courses are part of the Foundational Bible and major requirements.
    • BIBL211 | Biblical World: Hebrew Bible
    • BIBL212 | Biblical World: New Testament
    • BIBL480 | Bible and Spiritual Formation
    • BIBL490 | Advanced Biblical Studies Seminar
    • BIBL498 | Biblical Studies Capstone
    • BLG215A & BLG215B | Biblical Greek I and II
    • BLG225A & BLG225B | Biblical Hebrew I and II
    • THEO340 | Theology of the Hebrew Bible
    • THEO360 | Theology of the New Testament
    • Upper division Hebrew Bible (OT) or New Testament (NT) electives OR choose a Concentration and one elective

Biblical Studies Optional Concentrations: Students can choose a concentration listed below.

  • Pastoral Ministry Concentration (12 units)
    • PMIN411 | Contemporary Ecclesiology
    • PMIN423 | Pastoral Care and Counseling
    • BIBL350 | New Testament Exposition
    • LDRS342 | Leading in Organizations
    • LDRS210 | Self-Leadership
    • ICS103 | Leading with a Mission
  • Theology Concentration (12 units)
    • THEO301 | Historical Theology
    • THEO325 | Comparative Theology
    • THEO425 | Practical Theology
    • THEO452 | Contemporary Theology 
  • Youth Ministry Concentration (12 units)
    • YMIN100 | Foundations of Youth Ministry
    • YMIN391 | Teaching and Speaking to Youth
    • YMIN175 | Youth Ministry Skills
    • YMIN283 | Youth Culture, Trends and Issues
    • YMIN426 | Counseling Youth

To view all courses and course descriptions, please see our current Academic Catalog.

Bible/Theology Minor Courses (18 units):

All programs at Jessup are based upon an 18-unit minor** in Bible and Theology, which include the following core courses:

  • BIBL101 | Christian Foundations – Old Testament
  • BIBL104 | Christian Foundations – New Testament
  • BIBL249 | The Art of Interpretation
  • Upper Division Theology elective
  • Bible electives (6 units)

To view all courses and course descriptions, please see our current Academic Catalog.

Associate of Arts Courses (61 units):

  • ENGL101A | English Composition I
  • ENGL101B | English Composition II
  • Lab Science
  • PSYC141 | Developmental Psychology
  • ICS100-499 | Intercultural Studies Elective
  • THEO152 | Gospel Worldview for Freshmen series or THEO352 | Gospel Worldview Praxis*
  • BIBL105 | Old Testament Literature and Interpretation
  • BIBL106 | New Testament Literature and Interpretation
  • BIBL349 | Hermeneutics
  • NT308 | Romans
  • PHIL452 | Christian Perspective
  • Bible electives (Must include at least one course each in New Testament, Old Testament, and theology)
  • Fine Arts Elective
  • 2 History Electives
  • General Education – Free Electives

Matthew Godshall, Ph.D.

Program Director

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Associate Professor - School of Theology & Leadership

Associate Professor - School of Theology & Leadership

Program Director, Associate Dean - School of Theology & Leadership

Associate Professor, School of Theology & Leadership

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