Exercise Science


Bachelor of Science

The B.S. in Exercise Science (BSES) helps students fulfill future graduate degree requirements, alongside a gospel-infused curriculum that integrates their personal faith with discipline-based knowledge related to health, human performance, and capability. This program is designed to benefit students who are desiring to pursue careers and graduate programs in clinical fields such as cardiac rehab, occupational therapy, physical therapy, sport medicine, chiropractic, exercise physiology, and athletic training.





With the impact of COVID-19, the clinical field is now solidified as an essential workforce. Our B.S. in Exercise Science supports students in creating a runway towards the applied/healthcare industry by providing broad-based knowledge in the sub disciplines of kinesiology, paired with clinical experience in the field. By preparing students for the clinical setting, the Department of Kinesiology seeks to impact our communities—both local and abroad—by preparing transformational leaders for God’s kingdom. 

  • Integrate Scripture and personal faith with disciplined-based knowledge pertaining to health, human performance, and capability.
  • Articulate, both verbally and in writing, the principles of kinesiology and its sub-disciplines in an academic/professional environment.
  • Synthesize, analyze, and interpret information for critical problem solving in health and human performance based contexts
  • Utilize a wide variety of physical health equipment and technology to implement viable solutions to issues/problems within the field of health and human performance.
  • Demonstrate professional behaviors, including commitment to excellence, proficiency in the use of technology and equipment for assessment and exercise, valuing diversity and collaboration, service to others locally and abroad, and techniques for lifelong learning.

Program Courses (51 units)

  • KINE101 | Introduction to Kinesiology
  • KINE270 | Faith-Based Fitness and Wellness
  • KINE315 | Exercise and Sport Psychology
  • KINE317 | Principles of Coaching
  • KINE320 | Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries
  • KINE325 | Exercise Testing and RX
  • KINE325L | Exercise Testing and RX Lab
  • KINE339 | Exercise and Sport Nutrition
  • KINE340 | Pedagogy and Leadership Principles in KINE
  • KINE345 | Biomechanics
  • KINE345L | Biomechanics Lab
  • KINE351 | Essentials of Strength and Conditioning
  • KINE351L | Essentials of Strength and Conditioning Lab
  • KINE353 | Exercise Physiology
  • KINE353L | Exercise Physiology Lab
  • KINE369 | Motor Development
  • KINE370 | Fit in Faith: Why Our Bodies Matter to Our Faith
  • KINE371 | Sports Ministry
  • KINE385 | Current Issues in Sports Management
  • KINE420 | Exercise Leadership and Personal Training
  • KINE420L | Exercise Leadership and Personal Training Lab
  • KINE439 | Exercise for Chronic Disease and Disability
  • KINE475 | Kinesiology Internship
  • KINE477 | Kinesiology Clinical Practicum
  • KINE498 | Kinesiology Senior Seminar

To view all courses and course descriptions, please see our current Academic Catalog.

Becka Ussery, M.A.

Assistant Professor

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Parker Daniells, M.S.

Assistant Professor

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Assistant Professor - School of Natural & Applied Sciences

Kinesiology Chair, Associate Professor - School of Natural & Applied Sciences

Associate Dean, Professor - School of Natural & Applied Sciences

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