Master of Arts in Biblical Studies


Master of Arts

The Master of Arts in Biblical Studies (MABS) emphasizes competency in the original languages of Greek or Hebrew and research methods related to biblical interpretation. Much of the curriculum is shared with the longer MDiv program, and specifically aims to equip students in biblical studies and theology.


24-36 MONTHS



The Master of Arts in Biblical Studies (MABS) program will develop skills in studying the biblical text, working with original languages and thinking critically. Whether you are a writer, teacher, missionary candidate or member of a church or parachurch organization, this program will prepare you to expound on the Bible with wisdom, passion and humility. 

The MABS includes two years of either Greek or Hebrew and offers students elective units to do advanced study in either Old Testament, New Testament, or theology. Faculty for the MABS are renowned in their fields of biblical interpretation, biblical studies and biblical languages.

Students are also given the opportunity to further explore a relevant topic of significance to them while in the Colloquium, which is a research project/thesis that is usually in the final semester. This allows students to take what they have learned and develop it into a foundation for further study and/or their future career.

  • Interpret the biblical text in its original context and for its ongoing theological and cultural relevance.
  • Translate and exegete Greek or Hebrew biblical texts.
  • Explain and apply the major themes and theological concepts of the biblical text.
  • Communicate biblical truths in a way that engages both the Church and the academy.
  • Engage and instruct others in a culturally aware and relevant manner.

The MABS degree enhances student preparation for a variety of vocational directions:

  • Church ministry
  • Christian primary and secondary education
  • Christian writing ministries
  • Campus ministry and parachurch organizations
  • Intercultural and global missions
  • Preparation for further graduate study

Program Courses (48 units)

Bible (18 units)

  • BIB501 | Genesis through Song of Solomon
  • BIB502 | Isaiah through Malachi
  • BIB514 | Gospels, Acts, Revelation
  • BIB513 | Pauline & General Epistles
  • BIB509 | Biblical Interpretation
  • BIB608 | Text and Canon

Theology (6 units)

  • TH507 | Christian Theology I
  • TH508 | Christian Theology II

Language (12 units)

  • GRK501 | Greek Grammar I
  • GRK502 | Greek Grammar II
  • GRK651 | Greek Reading & Syntax
  • GRK652 | Greek Exegesis


  • HEB621 | Hebrew Grammar I
  • HEB622 | Hebrew Grammar II
  • HEB721 | Hebrew Reading
  • HEB722 | Hebrew Exegesis

Electives (6 units): Any advanced Bible, theology, or language courses, or any seminary courses

Other (6 units)

  • SF511 | Spiritual Formation
  • BIB814 | Master’s Colloquium

Admission Requirements

  • 3.0 Cumulative GPA
    • If less than 3.0, include an explanation of prior performance and describe the experiences and skills you believe indicate your ability to succeed at the graduate level.
  • Personal Statement: Please upload a personal statement essay of 500 words on why this program is valuable for your ministry.
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation
  • Bachelor’s Degree from Regionally Accredited Institution
  • Official Transcripts

Professor & Program Director

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Professor - School of Theology & Leadership; Program Director - MABS

Professor - School of Theology & Leadership

Professor - School of Theology & Leadership

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