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Jessup University Aviation prepares students for success in the field of aviation. Our graduates will go on to be professional aviators in commercial, military, and missionary aviation. Jessup has a Letter of Agreement (LOA) with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) authorizing our graduates to apply for their Restricted Airline Transport Pilot (ATP-R) with only 1,000 flight hours rather than 1,500 hour. Our university and nearby flight school is located in an ideal region of California for aviation. The weather is conducive for year-round flying, with views of the often snow-capped mountain range of Sierra Nevada from the air. As one of a few faith-based collegiate aviation programs in Northern California, our program will prepare you for success in the field of aviation.

57 – 67 UNITS




The B.S./B.A. in Aviation degree is designed to produce highly-skilled, industry-ready, principled professionals for the field of aviation. Its purpose is to educate and equip “ACE” (adept, certified, and ethical) pilots who are willing and able to positively contribute to the field of aviation and society. Thus, aviation students will graduate with an in-depth knowledge of aviation operations, aerodynamics, laws, regulations, security, meteorology, and airline management issues and practices, both from a domestic and international perspective. Moreover, students will obtain a solid liberal arts education in subjects such as English, history, science and mathematics. Finally, students will deepen their faith via biblical studies as they prepare for successful careers as professional pilots.

Flight training partner, Mach 5 Aviation, is veteran-owned and operated with a deep commitment to the next generation of aviation professionals, offering highly experienced flight instructors, a large fleet of training aircraft and an impeccable maintenance team.

Our Aviation program is not currently certified for use of veteran educational benefits. Please contact our Veterans Services Specialist at veterans@jessup.edu for more information.

  • Make ethical, aviation-specific decisions as an industry professional.
  • Communicate and collaborate effectively in a multi-disciplinary and diverse team environment.
  • Analyze and apply relevant knowledge in mathematics, science, and applied science to the field of aviation.
  • Demonstrate a professional level of proficiency with the flight skills, crew multi-tasking, cockpit resource management techniques, risk management, and technologies necessary to safely and effectively conduct flight operations.
  • Assess and operate in both a national and international aviation environment.
  • Private Pilot Ground & Flight Labs
  • Instrument Ground & Flight Labs
  • Commercial Pilot Certification Ground
  • Commercial Pilot Certification Flight
  • Multi Engine Rating Labs
  • Aerodynamics
  • Meteorology
  • Crew Resource Management

Program Courses:

  • Major Courses (13 Units) – The following courses are part of the requirement for this major and are recommended to fulfill general education requirements.
    • PHYS100/L | General Physics I with Lab
    • ESCI133 | Meteorology for Aviation
    • MATH102 | Precalculus
    • PPOL360 | Aviation Law
    • Private Pilot License prerequisite for major – can be taken as electives or accomplished externally
      • Private Pilot Ground (AVIA130) – not eligible for VA education benefits – 3 units
      • Private Pilot Light Lab (AVIA140) – not eligible for VA education benefits – 2 units
  • Core Courses (57 Units)
    • AVIA101 | Aviation Safety
    • AVIA102 | Intro to Air Traffic Control and Airspace
    • AVIA130 | Private Pilot Ground
    • AVIA140 | Private Pilot Light Lab
    • AVIA200 | Introduction to Aviation
    • AVIA201 | CRM (Crew Resource Management)
    • AVIA210 | Basic Aircraft Systems
    • AVIA230 | Instrument Ground
    • AVIA240 | Instrument Flight Lab
    • AVIA300 | Aviation Human Factors
    • AVIA310 | Aerodynamics
    • AVIA312 | Gas Turbine Engines
    • AVIA330 | Commercial Pilot Cert. Ground
    • AVIA331 | Multi Engine Rating Ground
    • AVIA340 | Commercial Pilot Cert. Lab
    • AVIA341 | Multi Engine Rating Lab
    • AVIA411 | Advanced Avionic Systems
    • AVIA430 | CFI
    • AVIA432 | MEI
    • AVIA440 | CFI Flight Lab
    • AVIA498 | Aviation Flight Capstone/Intern
    • AVIA442 | MEI Flight Lab
  • CFII Option (4 units)
    • AVIA431 | CFII
    • AVIA441 | CFII Flight Lab

To view all courses and course descriptions, please see our current Academic Catalog.

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