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Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA)





The Master’s of Healthcare Administration (MHA) is a hybrid program crafted to empower future healthcare leaders with the knowledge and skills essential for success in the complex and dynamic healthcare industry. It is meticulously designed with a Christian philosophy deeply rooted in fostering compassionate, ethical, and innovative leaders who can navigate the multifaceted challenges of healthcare management.

Jessup’s MHA program offers a flexible and dynamic learning experience primarily offered through on-campus and online learning with collaborative mentoring with our partners in healthcare settings. A blended approach allows you to engage in meaningful face-to-face interactions with faculty and peers during on-campus sessions while providing the convenience of online coursework to accommodate busy schedules and individual learning preferences.

  • In-Depth Healthcare Knowledge – Graduates will possess a comprehensive understanding of healthcare systems, policies, and practices.

  • Ethical Decision-Making – Graduates will demonstrate ability to make effective ethical decisions in healthcare management.

  • Effective Servant/Team Leadership – Graduates will have the ability to lead healthcare teams effectively.

  • Healthcare Data Analysis – Graduates will be proficient in healthcare data analysis.

  • Strategic Healthcare Planning – Graduates will be skilled in developing and implementing strategies for healthcare organizations.

  • Global Healthcare Perspectives – Graduates will appreciate the global dimensions of patient-centered healthcareAdvocate for Healthcare Equality and Quality – Students will advocate for culturally sensitive patient-centered care and quality improvement within healthcare organizations.

  • Engage in Community Service – Students will recognize the importance of community service and social responsibility, actively engaging in initiatives that contribute to the well-being of their local and global communities.

Program Distinctives

  • Hybrid program

  • Faith based education

  • Rocklin – online and in person (symposiums)

  • 21 months (5 semesters) 

  • Personalized advising

  • Compassionate care and transformational servant leadership

  • Collaborative mentoring with designated partners

  • In-person seminars with industry experts and faculty 

  • Curriculum that integrates Christian spiritual formation

  • No GMAT/GRE Required

Program Courses (40 units: 34 units + 6 units of practicum)

  • MHA530 | Healthcare Systems, Hospital Organization, and Health Policy
  • MHA581 | Introduction to Servant Leadership, People Management, and Communication in Healthcare
  • MHA600 | Seminar
  • MHA532 | Hospital and Ambulatory Operations and Change Management
  • MHA540 | Healthcare Financial Management, Medical Reimbursement & RCM, and Budgeting
  • MHA510 | Healthcare Information Systems, Health Informatics, and Statistical Data Analysis
  • MHA550 | Topics in Healthcare Economics and Policy
  • MHA562 | Healthcare Law, Ethics, and Christian Values
  • MHA600 | Seminar
  • MHA590 | Population Health, Healthcare Quality, and Data Analysis
  • MHA570 | Transformational Servant Leadership for Senior Leaders
  • MHA699 | Strategic Planning, Marketing, and Communication (Capstone Integrative Course)
  • MHA560 | Healthcare Human Resources, Medical Staff, and Health Law
  • MHA675 | Practicum

Admissions Requirements: 

  • transcripts for a bachelor’s degree, with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0, that adequately prepares a student for graduate healthcare administration studies
  • three letter of recommendations from professional, academic, and spiritual leaders
  • a professional resume demonstrating related experience
  • a personal statement of interest and description of the student’s passion for, or deep interest in healthcare. 

Meet our current faculty and executive presenters for the MHA Program.

Dr. George R. Stubblefield, DC, IDE, ACSM

Dean, Professor – School of Natural and Applied Sciences

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Dean, Professor - School of Natural and Applied Sciences

Adjunct Professor - School of Natural and Applied Sciences

Adjunct Professor - School of Natural and Applied Sciences

Adjunct Professor - School of Natural and Applied Sciences

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