Caleb Smith, DBA, M.S.

Caleb Smith, DBA, M.S.

Adjunct Professor, School of Natural & Applied Sciences


  • Doctor of Business Administration (Terminal MBA) – Strategic Management 2021 Colorado Technical University
    Doctoral Study Title: The Unintended Consequences of Government Intervention displayed through Data Visualization.
  • M.S. in Information Technology Project Management 2017 Colorado Technical University
  • B.S. in Communications 2015 Arizona State University


Dr. Caleb Smith is a versatile professional with a rich background spanning healthcare, technology, and business. As the Director of Partner Integrations for Siemens and Wi-Tronix, he excels in forging collaborative solutions, bridging technology gaps, and ensuring seamless interoperability. Caleb’s commitment to these endeavors is grounded in his Christian values and unwavering dedication. In addition to his role in partner integrations, Caleb is a dedicated business owner and senior business consultant. His passion for healthcare and technology extends into the classroom, where he serves as a Healthcare Adjunct Professor, imparting knowledge to the next generation of professionals. Beyond his academic and business pursuits, Dr. Smith partners with organizations like the Human Trafficking Institute, demonstrating
his commitment to Christian values through social justice actions. Dr. Caleb Smith’s multifaceted career is complemented by his status as an author and researcher, exploring the intersections of healthcare, technology, business, and social justice. With an unwavering commitment to his Christian values and a fervent dedication to effecting positive change in the world, Caleb Smith is a visionary professional dedicated to fostering innovation, collaboration, and progress across industries.