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Bachelor of Arts

Jessup’s BA in Theatre is an immersive, pre‐professional training ground for theatre practitioners. The Bachelor of Arts in Theatre offers specializations in Acting, Musical Theatre, Theatre Design and Technology, and Theatre Management. From backstage to onstage, you will learn how to create theatre from concept to performance in a department valuing a hands-on, entrepreneurial approach to theatrical storytelling.





The mission of the BA in Theatre program is to produce students who are highly employable theatre artists, Christian leaders, entrepreneurs, and skilled craftsmen who are capable of vast, positive, influence in the arts, media, and entertainment. Jessup Theatre is a four‐year training ground preparing you to make a unique contribution to the art form. Join the program that patrons are calling “the most irresistible experience in theatre from Tahoe to San Francisco.

  • Developed and articulated an informed theological aesthetic and possess the ability to apply it to theatrical practice.
  • An increased knowledge of the history of theatre.
  • The ability to effectively analyze the theatre text from an informed artistic sensibility as viewed through the lens of a Judeo-Christian worldview.
  • Cultivated technical skill sets for theatrical performance, production, and management.
  • Demonstrated proficient strategy and skill in engaging the professional theatrical community.

Theatre Design and Technology
Theatre Management
Musical Theatre


Program Courses
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The nature and purpose of the arts at William Jessup University is:

  • To illuminate truth about the human condition
  • To tell redemptive and transformative stories, both edifying and cautionary, that examine our relationship with God and one another
  • To bring beauty into a fallen world
  • To serve the world through sacrifice of one’s own talents toward the betterment of society and culture
  • To create an authentic community of diverse individuals that join together for a common purpose
  • To invest in imagination, hope, and healing through the power of creation and the creative spirit

Our response to the statement:

  • We will examine all forms, genres and styles of artistry in order to understand and explore the human condition
  • We will survey all types of stories to witness the artist journey and message
  • We will engage in thoughtful and moral artistic practice
  • We will participate in serving the world through the creation of art
  • We will work together with respect and encouragement to challenge and cultivate each other as individual artists in the body of Christ
  • We will foster an environment where creativity is encouraged, ideas are embraced, and truthful expression is not limited.

Support the Theatre program as we educate transformational leaders who are capable of vast, positive, influence in the arts, media, and entertainment.

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Derek Martin, MFA

Program Advisor

We hope our classes and productions change students from community performers to world-class actors and scenic artists, designers, and leaders capable of landing any job in the theatre and film industry. – Derek Martin


Derek Grant Martin, MFA

Associate Professor - The Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences - Visual & Performing Arts Division

Jennifer Martin, MFA

Assistant Professor - The Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences - Visual & Performing Arts Division


Anne Merino

Adjunct, Theatre

Ardith Gray

Part-time Faculty & Costume Designer, Costuming

Ashley White

Student Administrative Aid to Theatre

Elizabeth Hadden-McGuire

Part-time Faculty & Set Designer, Set Design

Fred Radford

Set Builder

Janey Pintar

Part-time Faculty, Theatre History, Voice & Movement

Justin LaHiff

Lighting Design

Kelly Ann Dunn

Impressions & Community Engagement

Kim Reimert


Maeve Morgan

Contract Artist

Payton Gobeille

Costume Shop Manager

Taylor Miller

Sound Design


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