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Theology and Environmentalism Pt. 2

Dr. Michael McGrann, chair of Jessup's Institute of Biodiveristy and the Environment, joins Mark and Rex for part two of their series on theology and environmentalism. Dr. McGrann helps them understand how science and faith teach us the interdependence of…

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Approaching the Old Testament Law

Dr. Libby Backfish joins Mark and Rex to discuss another area of the Old Testament that we often misread: the Law. Dr. Backfish encourages us to look at the Law through a covanental lens.

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Q&A Pt 2

Mark and Rex charge again into the dangerous territory of student questions. Without preparation or forethought, they attempt to answer a question drawn from a collection of theology students.

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A Closer Reading

Friend of the show Cynthia Shafer-Elliott joins Mark and Rex to discuss ways in which we misread the Old Testament. The three specifically look at the story of David and Bathsheba.

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I Exist, Now What?

Mark and Rex get philosophical for an episode covering the powerful but tricky arena of existential philosophy. Questions of humanness and existence are covered, as well as a quick primer on key thinkers in existentialism.

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