Update #1 – Chile

Hey, everyone!

Team Chile is doing great and loving our time here. We had a short break, just enough time for me to send out a quick update and some photos that were taken during our ministry time this afternoon. Mario and Maranda have been hard at work laying bricks and cutting studs for a new church building in Santiago. They are natural pros! We’ve spent the last four days mostly off the grid visiting villages about 700 kms to the south of Santiago – meeting with with remote folk, doing some more construction, etc. It has been incredible to see the variety in this culture and to interact with people who have such limited access to the Gospel.

We have loved the relationship we have built with the local church here. Tonight the students participated in different youth Bible studies. I have started teaching pastors, which will continue tonight. Please pray for this aspect of our ministry, as these are the people who will be continuing on in the work long after we leave.
Miranda and Mario have been spectacular in their adjustment! They are staying with different host families and navigating the language barrier and cultural differences so well. You should all be proud of them; they’re both having a rich experience!

We are so blessed.

More later. Love to you all!

-David & the team