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An Investment in Jessup is a Gift of Significance for the Lord’s Kingdom

What we Believe and Our Commitment to You

Whether you’ve invested in Jessup or considering a partnership we want to share with you what we believe about biblical Stewardship.  We believe Biblical Stewardship begins with the knowledge that God owns it all and we are stewards of His resources. The Use of Money unveils what the heart worships and treasures most.

Donor Bill of Rights

Jessup Development Role

Gifts of Grace are in response to the intellectual and experiential knowledge that God first loved us and initiated grace and we extend grace and love to others through generous actions. An investment in Jessup is a gift of eternal significance for the Lord’s kingdom work through our efforts as a Christ-centered higher education.

Gifts of Grace

In the discipleship and development process we find that asking for God’s people to share God’s resources for God’s Kingdom work at Jessup brings about life and joy. Because of this we ask you to partake in the partnership of the WJU mission through your cheerful gifts. As we challenge one another in cheerful and compassionate generosity our goal in asking is to produce joy, maintain a mind focused on the eternal, encourage an increased dependence on God for our needs and release the temptations this world brings through riches to enjoy true riches in Christ.

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