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More than a Major

Math is the foundation of logic and science, yet many students shy away from the math major. While many students enjoy math, some fear it may become too difficult and others don’t know how a math major translates into a successful career. 

Growing up in a small agricultural town in Northern California, Jessup alumna Maryn Weightman (‘19) always loved math and knew she wanted to be a math major. Leaving her hometown was a huge step out of her comfort zone but Jessup’s supportive atmosphere was why she ultimately chose the university for her undergraduate math degree. “The math program was full of professors who invested in their students’ success in and out of the classroom. They were not just my professors, they were mentors and friends,” said Maryn.

This support continued throughout her time at Jessup. “There were several times in which life became complicated for me, as a military wife to an active-duty United States Marine,” said Maryn. “My professors were not only flexible with helping me come up with different ways to complete my degree, but they were also a constant force of encouragement and support. Being a part of the Jessup math family was the best thing I took away from Jessup.”

Today, Maryn makes it her mission to help other students see that struggling with math is not a reflection of their success. “As I help more individuals in math education, I realize it is a stumbling block for many,” said Maryn. While not every student wants to be a math major, she encourages them to take a math class at Jessup and reach out to professors when they need extra help. “Professors will make it a personal mission to help you,” said Maryn.

She also points out the importance of math majors in the workforce. “Math majors provide businesses and organizations with alternative perspectives to their decision-making processes. Their experiences in critical thinking, foundations of logic, and math literacy make them important analytical members of any team.” 

Maryn is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Data Science and will graduate in August 2021. She is fielding offers from several government agencies and consulting firms for data analyst positions.

For more information about Jessup’s math program, please visit their undergraduate program page.

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