Tax Day is April 15!

Tax Day is April 15!

As the calendar approaches that pivotal time of year, April 15 represents a date characteristic of the annual rite of tax filing. The benefits of entrusting this civic duty to a professional are many: not only can it save precious time and money, it also significantly reduces the risk of an audit. It’s little wonder that the accounting profession remains in high demand. 

Accounting has often been referred to as the language of business, and it’s one more reason why students are drawn to pursue a promising career in the field. Jessup’s Bachelor of Accountancy (BAcc) degree can be completed in as little as three and a half years and students can also earn their graduate degree in accounting (Master of Accountancy or MAcc) in just one more year. In as little as four and a half years, students can be CPA exam ready, meet all educational requirements, and have earned both their BAcc and MAcc degrees! 

Other reasons to consider becoming a Jessup accounting student include:

Robust demand for accountants: Virtually every public, private, and government organization needs an accountant, tax professional, and an auditor therefore, demand for competent and principled accountants continues to increase. See “Growing Demand For CPAs Exceeds Current and Future Supply”

Limited supply of new accountants: There are fewer accounting graduates in the pipeline, and most of the industry CPAs have reached retirement age. 

Industry internship opportunities: Jessup has created partnerships with numerous accounting firms of various sizes and specialties. We invite firms each semester to meet with our students and share internship and employment opportunities. These well-paid, industry internships provide invaluable experience and often lead to full-time positions.

Industry relevant courses: Every class provides real-world knowledge, trends in industry, and the professional ethics needed to prepare students to be successful and effective accountants. Teaching practitioners: Jessup’s accounting faculty team are proven, experienced professionals with over 100 years of industry service, who are dedicated to equipping the next generation of CPAs.