Joy Triumphs Over Fear

LeAnne Varenkamp,
Director of Development and Donor Relations

December 11, 2023

What is the antidote to fear? Good news of great JOY. The shepherds quaked with fear at the angels’ appearance. When have you been afraid?

One of the scariest moments in my life was over a decade ago. I realized my two-year-old daughter climbed the fence in our yard and decided to “walk to grandma’s house,” which was around the corner of a busy street. Panicked, I took off running as fast as I could…

I was overcome with relief when, halfway down the busy road, I saw my little one walking hand-in-hand with a kind lady, perhaps even an angel unaware. Certainly, God placed her there that day to protect my daughter. The joy of seeing her confused little face eliminated the terrible fear from the minute before.

What is the good news of great joy for all people? 

Salvation is the good news. Our Savior is the good news. When the angels proclaimed His birth to the shepherds that night, their fear was immediately eliminated and replaced with tremendous joy. 

The shepherds’ very livelihood was connected to Israel’s desperate need for a savior. Perhaps their own dear lambs – lambs they cared for, that they helped birth in that very field –  perhaps these would be brought to Jerusalem and laid upon an altar, their blood spilled for the sins of others. 

How glorious! The Savior has come! The great joy of His arrival meant they no longer needed to fear. No longer would they wonder if their efforts, their sacrifice, would be enough. The Savior had come to remove that unattainable burden. 

And today, 2000 years later, we also can lay aside all our fear. We can celebrate with great joy our Savior, Jesus Christ, who has removed sin and brings joy to all who place their faith in Him. When we are afraid, we must choose to remember, our Savior Jesus Christ has brought redemption and freedom to live fearlessly in Him.