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Running the Race with Perseverance

The road to Jessup wasn’t easy for junior Michelle Flint. But her fierce determination to follow God’s call and her success in track & field helped pave the way. Michelle is thriving in Jessup’s Youth Ministry program and is excited to use what she has learned to reach today’s students, especially those who seem unreachable. Please welcome Michelle to our Q&A discussion today. 

What is your major?

Youth Ministry

What year are you?


What’s your favorite part of Jessup’s remote learning experience?

I love the interactions and relationships that both the students and professors strive to build.

How have your professors made your remote learning experience valuable and enjoyable?

I really enjoy that the professors take the time to reach out to students instead of just grading things and moving on.

Is there something distinctive or unique about your educational journey?

I am a first-generation college student. I was able to afford Jessup because of my success in track & field. I had a lot of push back from my parents and some other family members who believed I was making a mistake, but I have some amazing grandparents who allowed me to stay with them and supported me.

Being a Christian in your future career/field might be difficult. How will you use the knowledge and experience you’ve gained at Jessup to stand up for what you believe/reach the unreached?

My future career goal is youth ministry. I might have some challenges with students who push back. I believe that my Jessup experience will help me answer their questions or arguments. My goal is to reach the students that others may see as unreachable.

Why did you choose Jessup?

I really felt God calling me to youth ministry. Everything lined up for me to go here.

What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

I coach kids in cheer as well as take part in a missions dance group each summer.

What role, if any, do student scholarships play in your Jessup education?

I would not be able to afford to go to Jessup without my athletic scholarship.

How has your education at Jessup impacted or changed how you see the world?

I have learned a lot about how to interact with others who have different backgrounds and beliefs. We have discussions without allowing ignorance to take part.

When you have a free day without homework or school, how do you spend it?

I love playing cards with friends or working on projects at my church!

For more information about Jessup’s Youth Ministry program, please visit their page.

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