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Fungai Mukome, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Chemistry


  • BS Chemistry from University of Zimbabwe

  • Pd.D Environmental Science from Portland State University

Dr. Mukome has expertise in the areas of sustainable agriculture and environmental chemistry. He has researched soil amendments such as biochar, organic fertilizers and biosolids with his work resulting in multiple journal publications, several book chapters and a national biochar database.

Dr. Mukome is delighted to be able to combine his passions for the environment and Chemistry - “the central science”. It’s great to be able to bring his God given passion to a subject typically perceived as challenging and help students discover the beauty and role of chemistry in all things around us. He loves the challenge and the opportunity to help students realize “Chemistry is in everything” and give them a fresh perspective. He also revere the opportunity to be used by God to transform and shape lives of the students at Jessup whose experiences here will significantly impact their roles as tomorrow’s parents and teachers.

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