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Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science in Bible & Theology prepares students for employment in church and parachurch agencies by achieving a level of biblical literacy equipping them to be active in local church leadership and teaching ministries. The program also builds upon the core curriculum requirements to prepare students for seminary training or graduate work in theology, ethics, and philosophy. 





The Bachelor of Science in Bible & Theology is ideal for those planning a teaching career in K-12 Christian schools (or Christian higher education) or students preparing for pastoral and teaching ministries in the church, or those already in the pastorate. Other possible vocational uses of the major include intercultural studies professionals, Christian missionaries, those interested in language study and Bible translation as well as Christian church leaders desiring a thorough biblical education.

  • Articulate a biblical theology of ministry from the context of his or her chosen ministry discipline.
  • Be conversant in the basic elements of Christian theology and effectively present biblical truths in individual conversation and group settings.
  • Evaluate all of life and thought from a biblical perspective, discerning truth and falsehood, essential and non-essential matters of Christian faith and practice.
  • Defend the inspiration and authority of the Bible and evangelical Christian doctrine.
  • Critically examine one’s own assumptions and those of others that influence the ways in which the Bible is interpreted.
  • Exercise critical thinking regarding biblical content and its integration with the entire spectrum of human learning.
  • Grounds undergraduate students in foundational biblical studies.
  • Introduces students to biblical languages.
  • Prepares students for graduate studies in Bible and theology.
  • Connects students with renowned faculty.
  • Applies theology and Scripture to life and ministry.

Program Courses (39 units): 

  • BIBL105 | Old Testament Literature and Interpretation
  • BIBL106 | New Testament Literature and Interpretation
  • BIBL349 | Hermeneutics
  • NT308 | Romans
  • THEO451 | Christian Theology
  • NT210 | Acts
  • BLG310A/BLG310B | Greek OR BLG311A/BLG311B | Hebrew
  • Bible and Theology Elective (any level) – 3 units
  • Bible and Theology Elective (upper division) – 9 units
  • PHIL452 | Capstone

Professor & Program Director

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Program Director - Bible & Theology; Professor - School of Theology & Leadership

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