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Dual Enrollment

Earn college credit as a High School Student

Dual Enrollment Program Overview

William Jessup University offers high school students the opportunity to receive college credit through our Dual Enrollment program. Dual enrollment courses are college-level courses taught by university faculty, in which qualified high school students may enroll. Jessup offers three options to earn this college credit through dual enrollment:

  • A high school senior travels to the college campus.
  • College faculty travel to the high school or secondary career center.
  • A high school student takes a course from a college instructor via distance education, either synchronous via interactive video or an asynchronous online platform.

Why Dual Enrollment?

Here are a few reasons to consider Jessup’s Dual Enrollment program:

  • Earn college credit before graduating high school
  • Complete some college credit at low or no cost
  • Be immersed into the Jessup community and make connections to faculty and current students
  • Experience the strong academics and close knit community of Jessup that nurtures mind and spirit

Why Jessup?

  • A strong sense of community that  is Christ-centered.
  • A home away from home.
  • A campus committed to different learning formats and modalities to provide students with quality education experience.
  • A campus full of staff and faculty dedicated to students’ lives.
  • Find genuine knowledge alongside other truth seekers.
  • Programs that align with the market creating exceptionally employable graduates.

Learn More About the Dual Enrollment Program

You may have questions about Jessup and the dual enrollment process, connect with our team below and we we’ll be glad to assist you through the process.

Dual Enrollment Questions

Meet our
Dual Enrollment Team

Wilmina Taghap

Assistant Registrar, Special Programs
(916) 577-2242

Focused on William Jessup’s special programs, Wilmina serves as a point person that showcases the different partnerships available for your student and organization. Wilmina has a Master of Divinity and more than 10 years of higher education experience. Student success and institutional connection is a daily aim for Wilmina and the Registrar team.

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