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A Match Made at Preview Day

Freshman Alyssa Flores dreamed of attending a Christian college where she could get involved in a theater and music program. She was encouraged to check out Jessup after a friend from church recommended it. “I came to a Preview Day and thought, ‘Wow, I really like it here,’” said Flores. “They really want us to feel community and that’s what I’m about. I wanted to fellowship with people, build up my spiritual life, and grow as a whole in the right place,” said Flores. 

During her visit, she happened to pass the Digital Communication & Design program information table. She loved digital media and was excited Jessup offered this program. She was introduced to Paul Robins, the program’s lead faculty. He told her about the major and how he built the program around technology, intersecting contemporary media channels and creative content to create a unique way for students to reach the world. He explained each of the program’s concentrations – media, design, and journalism, and the potential career paths for graduates.  

Ultimately, Flores chose Jessup and the Digital Communication & Design major with the media concentration. “Jessup was the last school I applied for and the first one I got into,” said Flores. “It had everything I was interested in. And the community. I love it! Everyone is just so nice.”

It didn’t take long for Flores to jump right in. She helps Jessup’s marketing department with their social media and she’s also a founding member of her department’s digital communication marketing team. This team is getting ready to launch their own Instagram and Facebook pages. “We all have different roles and we’re actually doing what we’re learning,” says Flores. “Being part of the marketing team has given me the opportunity to not only gain experience but learn what it’s like to help other companies build and grow. I’m just learning a lot from it.”

When she graduates, Flores hopes to work in a marketing department or somewhere she can be creative and expressive. Flores loves the freedom and creativity of the program. She credits Robins for building her confidence and helping her develop a vision for her future. “It’s just so fun when you have a teacher that’s really rooting for you,” says Flores. “You just want to do your best because he wants the best for you.”

For more information about Jessup’s Digital Communication & Design program, visit their program page.

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