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Marketing in the Real World

Jessup students in Professor Scott Alvord’s upper-division marketing classes learn how marketing aspects apply to everything from small businesses to major corporations. 

His 2018 and 2019 marketing classes had a number of opportunities to take these theoretical concepts and apply them in the real world. 

Marketing for the Ballet

The CEO of the Sacramento Ballet approached Professor Alvord and his Fall 2018 marketing class with a unique opportunity. For many years, a well-known marketing firm handled the Sacramento Ballet’s marketing campaigns. When costs became too high, the CEO of the ballet asked Professor Alvord and his class to manage the marketing for their $1.1 million production of The Nutcracker.

After a formal interview with the CEO and a board member, the class was given their marketing budget. The marketing plan included designing three intricate target avatars which were essentially psychological profiles of their target audience. They analyzed each avatar’s fears, struggles, and hopes about this performance. 

They developed posters, postcards, and a highly-effective social media campaign. By applying their classroom knowledge to this marketing campaign, the class broke previous sales records for this performance.  

BerryFest Campaign

Professor Alvord’s Spring 2019 class repeated this success for the BerryFest, the largest Mother’s Day weekend event on the west coast. They designed posters and social media videos that reached 70,000 people with over 425,000 impressions. This campaign brought thousands to the ticket sales page of the website. 

Increasing Traffic to Chamber’s Website

His Fall 2019 class helped the Roseville Area Chamber of Commerce draw traffic to their website. They targeted 4,000 local business owners and created postcards with carefully-selected images and phrases. They also gained a quarter of a million impressions, reached 40,000 people, and brought thousands of clicks to the chamber’s website through creative social media videos.

While Professor Alvord’s classes give students a theoretical understanding of marketing concepts, it’s this knowledge coupled with unique and one-of-a-kind experiences that help prepare Jessup’s upper-division marketing students for their future marketing careers.


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