An Affordable Education Within Reach

An Affordable Education Within Reach

As a missionary kid, Noah Claasen was unsure if he could afford private higher education. But he was encouraged to apply for Jessup’s Biology Program Scholar Award, which he later received—along with the Christian High School Graduate Scholarship, Presidential Scholarship, and Ministry Worker Grant.

“I was nervous before my interview with Dr. Stubblefield, the Dean of Natural & Applied Sciences,” shared Noah. “But he was truly interested in my story and passion, and for the first time I felt like Jessup was not just a possibility but actually achievable. Thanks to the generous donors who funded these awards, I was able to attend Jessup.”   

Not many people get the opportunity to be so immersed in a culture outside their own for so long, roughly 40 miles from the nearest road. There were plenty of times during Noah’s childhood where he felt self-pity or frustration with his circumstances and isolation. But the experience of working closely with his mother and native medical aides instilled in him a passion for medicine and a vision for the healthcare needs of remote regions.

Growing up in Papua New Guinea was an experience that deeply formed his desire to serve rural, isolated, and otherwise neglected communities. Noah is now a student athlete and computer science major at Jessup with big goals for the future.

“There is so much to accomplish and complete,” he shared. “But I’m excited and continuing to take the next steps forward as God opens doors for me.”  

After graduating in Fall 2024, he plans to attend medical school and serve in Humboldt County for a few years to give back to his community. His long-term dream is to found an overseas hospital and clinic system for people with limited access to healthcare. 

“Half of my heart lies with Papua New Guinea, and the other half lies here in Northern California,” said Noah. “As they would say on the island, I am a ‘man i no gat wanpela asples—or a man without a single home. But, now living in California, Jessup has offered me a chance to study in an affordable, Christ-centered environment close to home.”

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