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Why Employers Love Hiring Math Majors

Many students enjoy math but wonder if a math degree translates into a sustainable and fulfilling career. They question its relevance in today’s business world and if they have the skills employers look for in an employee. Bradley Wagner, Associate Professor of Mathematics and Chair of the Applied Sciences assures us that math is still very relevant in today’s society. “Mathematics is fundamental in the development of the modern discipline of computer science and continues to be relevant in cutting edge areas of that field including machine learning, cryptography, and quantum computing,” says Wagner. “Both pure and applied mathematics are relevant to these areas of research and others across all STEM fields.”

Employers love hiring math majors because they possess exceptional analytical thinking skills, pay close attention to details, and can problem-solve through rigorous and methodical processes. “In every job, there will be obstacles to overcome, problems to solve, challenges to face,” says Wagner. “The skills learned as a math major focus on approaching each such situation in a methodical manner to make sure all possible solutions are explored and that the chosen solution is fully fleshed out before being implemented to minimize unintended consequences.”

Whatever career they choose, students who graduate from Jessup’s math program walk into the next chapter of their lives with the problem-solving skills they need to face challenges in the workplace and in life. “An employer who hires a graduate of Jessup’s math program will get a hard-working employee who’s ready to face and successfully overcome the challenges that are presented,” says Wagner. “They do so while demonstrating a good work ethic and high moral character.”

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