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Become a Pilot at William Jessup University in Northern California

Do you know about projected airline pilot shortage?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics year job outlook for U.S. pilots is expected to grow
to 129,200 by 2026. Additionally, the global market for commercial pilots looks
very bright as well. What are the factors contributing to the current and future
shortage of commercial pilots?

International market – Growth and need for pilots overseas will be robust
primarily due to growing economies. The job projection (to 2036) for pilots
worldwide is 637,000 jobs (Boeing and Airbus projections). Airlines in the Asian
Pacific Region, and some in the Middle East will continue to recruit pilots from
Europe and the U.S.

Mandatory Retirement – An estimated 42% of current U.S. pilots will retire
within by 2026, mostly due to mandatory retirement age of 65. This factor is
creating a large pilot shortfall in the U.S. for the commercial industry.
U.S. Military – Historically a source for trained and experienced pilot for
commercial airlines. However, over the past decade, the military has produced
fewer pilots due to downsizing and the increasing use of Unmanned Aerial

Supply &Demand – While the biggest needs will be in the major airlines for well-
seasoned pilots, there will be a ripple effect down to regional and commercial
pilots in effort to fill vacancies. Economies are growing, airline fleet numbers are
expanding, at the current rate of pilots entering the profession, there will not be
enough pilots to fill job openings.

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