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Bachelor of Science


San Jose | Rocklin

Program Overview

The Bachelor of Science in Psychology is designed to develop an individual’s capacity for work in the helping professions in both secular and sacred settings. The program prepares Christians to lead individuals/groups to wholeness – body, soul, and spirit – using methods that are scripturally based, culturally sensitive, and clinically sound. Some will apply this degree to work within a mental health setting or utilize the relational skills gained in this program in a wide range of careers, including business, human services, and church/parachurch ministry. The major provides foundational studies in preparation for graduate school in the helping professions. Graduates who seek advanced education typically choose studies in psychology, counseling or social work.

Program Details

  • 1 or 2 Classes Per Week
  • Flexible & Customizable Course Schedules
  • Courses are 7 weeks in duration
  • Small Class Sizes
  • Faculty are experienced-leaders in their industries
  • Faith-Based Curriculum
  • Earn your degree in as little as 19 months

Foundations of Biblical and Psychological Integration I

Beginning with a broad overview of worldviews, this course provides a history of the integration movement, the unique challenges and controversies of integration, and a review of various models of integration. It specifically examines the various integration issues associated with Psychology and Christianity.

3 units

Personality Theory

This course is an introduction to basic theories of counseling and an analysis of their credibility from a Christian perspective. Legal and ethical issues, including reporting requirements in abusive situations are included.

3 units

Counseling Skills

In this course students will focus on the appropriate use of techniques and strategies in counseling. Includes skills used to assess needs and make appropriate referrals. Emphasizes demonstration and application

3 units

Foundations of Biblical and Psychological Integration II

This course explores the personal dimensions of spiritual and psychological formation. It emphasizes the relational aspects of Christian principles integrated with psychological constructs by examining the dynamics of God’s character, His plan for humanity throughout history, the nature of God’s grace and our response to it, the development and expression of the individual self, and the individual’s engagement with others.

3 units

Innovation & Leadership

This course explores creativity and entrepreneurship in leadership. It also analyzes how to effectively initiate and lead change, catch and cast vision, and integrate feedback from others into the leadership journey. It also considers the important connections between personal creativity and spiritual sensitivity in the leadership experience.

3 units

Abnormal Psychology

A study of psychopathology and abnormal behavior with an emphasis placed on description and identification of individual disorders. A consideration of cultural differences in the expression of abnormal symptomatology is included.

3 units

Principles of Biopsychology

This course will study the physiological and neurological correlates of behavior. Students will study the structure and function of the nervous system, including the biological bases of psychopathology and normal function.

3 units

Research Methods and Statistical Concepts

Students will be provided with an overview and understanding of research methods and statistical terms used in both psychology and business disciplines with a special focus on compilation and interpretation of data. Research methods will include introduction to identifiction and procurement of relevant sources of information for conducting research relative to both an academic or practitioner application. Students will learn the proper documentation for applicable formatting of source data within their area of study.

3 units

Psychology of Addiction

This course is designed to explore the psychological, physiological, and societal effects of addiction. Students will be introduced to the classifications and symptoms of both Substance and Process addictions. Assessment techniques and treatment approaches will be covered.

3 units

Grief and Loss

This course examines the elements of therapeutic, growth-oriented grieving. The effective journey into and out of the loss experience is explored from a personal as well as a helping perspective. The content is designed to provide the student with a model informed by a Biblical as well as a psychological theory and research perspective.

3 units

Strategic Management

An integrative course with a focus of analyzing interrelationships of managerial decisions/actions within and between the firm and its environment. Applies multi-disciplinary techniques to diagnose and recommend actions appropriate to specific company situations using the case study method.

3 units

Social Psychology

The study of the impact of the social context on the individual, this course examines the relationship of the individual to the family, the group, and the larger social milieu. Both theory and research will be examined as students analyze social behavior, including cognition, attitude formation and change, conformity, prejudice, and group processes.

3 units

The Problem of Suffering & Evil

This course is a theoretical and personal exploration of the problem of suffering and evil, examining biblical, theological and philosophical perspectives.  Special attention will be given to understanding how a loving God could allow suffering and evil, and how a believer should respond.

3 units

Multicultural Issues in Psychology

Students will explore cultural differences as they develop greater sensitivity to the cultural issues in counseling relationships

3 units

Marriage and Family

An integrated study of marriage and family relationships from theological and psychological perspectives, preparing students to develop a personal philosophy of the family. Includes a personal evaluation of familial experiences and a look at cultural norms and biblical principles.

3 units

Human Sexuality

A course designed to explore the complex world of human sexuality and its relationship to personal growth and Christian perspectives. Views of healthy and unhealthy sexuality will be covered, as well as the implications for relationships.

3 units

Community Psychology

Course description coming soon.

5 units

Spiritual Formation

Course description coming soon.

1 unit


Course description coming soon.

1 unit
  • Integrate their faith and knowledge of scripture with the study of human needs.
  • Apply basic theoretical perspectives in psychology.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking and interpretative skills.
  • Demonstrate fundamental competence in research.
  • Demonstrate effective oral and written communication with both individuals and groups.
  • Demonstrate an ability to evaluate various interview techniques, treatment plans, and interventions.
  • Demonstrate self‐awareness, recognizing personal strengths, growth areas, and limitations
  • All helping professions
  • Graduates who seek an advanced education typically choose studies in psychology, counseling or social work.

How many units is the program?

128 units total: 78 GE units and 50 major units

What is the cost per unit?


Head over to for student tools, resources, schedules and forms.


Bachelor of Science

BS in Psychology

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