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Theology and Environmentalism Pt. 1

Dr. Matt Godshall joins Mark and Rex to explore the important topic of how theology positively or negatively affects our view of environmental ethics. TRANSCRIPT 0:01 Welcome to Jessup think I'm your host, Mark Moore, and I'm your co host…

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Ancient Christian Practices Pt 3

Professor Matt Godshall joins Rex and Mark in the studio to finish out their series on ancient Christian practices. Matt discuss the importance of Lectio Divina in his own spiritual life as the three attempt to demystify contemplative prayer. TRANSCRIPT…

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Sacrilege & Silence

In this episode, host Mark Moore, Auxiliary Professor of New Testament and Theology, is joined by the director of the Theatre program Derek Martin & Assistant Professor of New Testament and Theology Matthew Godshall. They explore the question, are cultural…

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