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Theology as a Science

Mark and Rex examine whether theology should be considered a science. The pair surveys the historical and linguistic issues surrounding the question.

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Global Christianity Pt 2

Dr. Daniel Gluck joins Mark and Rex to talk about his experience with the African church. Rex also shares insights from his time pastoring in South America.

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Mark and Rex discuss the growing and vocal movement of ex-evangelicals and highlight key causes for this movement away from the evangelical label. They also discuss the postChristian leap that many make, especially some recent high profile figures within the…

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The Real Indiana Jones

Dr. Cynthia Shafer-Elliot joins Mark to discuss her role as a field archeologist. Dr. Shafer-Elliot has been digging in Israel for over a decade and is currently part of the archaeological excavation team at Tell Halif, Israel. She just might…

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Global Outreach Panel

A panel of Jessup staff, faculty, and students discuss the opportunities for students to participate in this years' Global Outreach programs by remembering the Jessup trips of the past.

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Historical Jesus

PhD Candidate and Adjunct Professor Mikel Del Rosario sits down with Mark to discuss current issues in historical Jesus studies.

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Ancient Christian Practices Pt 3

Professor Matt Godshall joins Rex and Mark in the studio to finish out their series on ancient Christian practices. Matt discuss the importance of Lectio Divina in his own spiritual life as the three attempt to demystify contemplative prayer.  

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Ancient Christian Practices Pt 2

In Part 2 Mark and Rex zoom in on the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola and his Examen prayer.The pair explore how the pracitces of a 16th century Spanish monk are more relevant today than ever.

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Ancient Christian Practices Pt 1

Mark and Rex begin a three part series on ancient Christian practices by discussing how the great disciplines of the Church have played a pivotal role in both of their spiritual lives.

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