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Ambassador Toolkit

Thank you for becoming a #Give24 Ambassador!

Here are the quick and easy steps to help us achieve our $124,000 goal:

First thing on March 24th:

  • Update Social media images and banners – download pictures below
  • Share YouTube video links
  • Share throughout the day
  • If you haven’t made your annual gift, please do so on March 24th to maximize your impact with matching funds.

Join Us With Step 1


DOWNLOAD Give:24 campaign photos and videos.


SHARE POST on your social media accounts, just email or text your friends & family the downloaded images/videos from the “Sample Posts” below.


Multiply your impact by giving $24 or more to initiatives with matches that will double your giving. Go HERE to learn more.




Sample Email

Subject: WJU Give:24: Investing in the Next Generation of Leaders

On Wednesday, March 24, Give:24 returns and is back and better than before. This will be our first student-led Give:24 which features eight students who are sharing the initiatives they care about most – Student Scholarships, Green Space Community, Hispanic/Latino Ministry, Future Church Leaders, Skywalker Ranch Recording and the Athletics Opportunity Fund.

“Give:24 has a huge impact on me and my fellow students by financially giving us opportunities to further our education here at Jessup when we otherwise may not have been able to,” Clair said. Alyssa put it this way: “I’m so excited about these initiatives because they will make our campus a better place for each and every student.”

Won’t you join our student leaders for 24 Hours, to Give $24 and Share with 24 friends to Raise $124,000 during our first student-led Give:24 digital giving day on Wednesday, March 24?

Please prayerfully consider how you can invest in the next generation of transformational leaders by giving to one of the following student initiatives. Your gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar by our matching gifts during the day to enhance the student experience at Jessup.

Thank you for your support.

To give now by going to

Jessup Social Media Accounts








Sample Social Media Posts

  • Join our student leaders for 24 Hours, to Give $24 and Share with 24 friends to Raise $124,000 during our first student-led Give:24 digital giving day on Wednesday, March 24? #give24
  • Give:24 gifts will be matched dollar for dollar up to $50,000. Your gifts will be doubled toward any of the six student-led campaigns. #give24
  • Six student-led campaigns are on display during this year’s Give:24. When you give to any of these projects, you will positively impact the student experience at Jessup. #give24
  • Paul Robins and our Give:24 interns share how you can invest in the next generation of future leaders on Wednesday, March 24th. #give24 (use Give:24 Overview Video)
  • Watch and hear Christion’s passion to build community through our Green Space Community campaign during Give:24. This project will provide additional space for students to grow as a community. #give24 (use Green Space Community Video)
  • Charlotte’s unforgettable experience at Skywalker Ranch has motivated her to share why your investment in this project will make a difference in the lives of our music students. Watch her Give:24 video at #give24 (use Skywalker Ranch Recording Video)
  • Kaitlin has come to Jessup because of the spiritual and academic depth afforded to students. She knows that Christ-centered higher education is made possible through student scholarships. Watch to learn how your support during Give:24 can change lives. #give24 (use Student Scholarship Video)
  • Justin was mentored by Dr. Bryce Jessup and is inviting you to join him in investing in future church leaders through the Bryce and Jo Jessup Legacy Fund. See how your support can train and equip future ministers through Give:24. #give24 (use Future Church Leaders Video)
  • Hector is Christian Leadership major and is the first in his family to attend college. Hector is inviting you to  positively impact the Hispanic/Latino community by supporting the casa latina program during Give:24. Learn more about the program and the impact of your giving. #give24 (use Hispanic/Latino Ministry Video)
  • Opportunity makes all the difference. Lesilei is a softball student athlete at Jessup and a recipient of the Athletics Opportunity Fund. Because of this fund she can pursue her degree and continue to succeed in the classroom and on the diamond. #give24 (use Athletics Opp. Fund Video)

Thank you for showing your support!

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