John Ransom

John Ransom

Lead Faculty – Computer Science


  • M.A. Theology
  • B.S. Visual and Game Programming
  • B.S. Computing Engineering


At the age of nine, John experienced the love of God. From this point he thought about God all the time even to today. At the age of 11 his father brought home an Apple II computer and showed him how he could make games on it through programming. He immediately became hooked on programming, even sometimes preferring it to playing games. John eventually got his first job in the game industry as a programmer at 3DO. The most well-known game he has worked on is Star Trek Online made by Cryptic Studios. After 21 years as a professional programmer he has come to teach programming at Jessup since 2018.


Published Games

  • WDL: Thundertanks – Playstation 2
  • Frogger: The Great Quest – Playstation 2
  • Gretzky NHL 2005/2006 – Playstation 2 and Playstation Portable
  • PurrPals – Wii
  • Star Trek Online – PC
  • 3D Drop Blocks – Android