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What is Software Engineering
What is Software Engineering? A Look at This Exciting and In-Demand Tech Field

What Kind of Jobs Can You Get With a Software Engineering Degree, Types of Software Engineering Roles, What Are Some Specialized Software Engineering Career Paths,…

what is computer science
What Is Computer Science? A Beginner’s Guide to the Field That’s Shaping Our World

What Types of Careers Are Available With a Computer Science Degree, What Does a Computer Scientist Do on a Daily Basis, How Much Could You…

Jessup University Graduate Students
4 Compelling Reasons to Earn a Graduate Degree at Jessup University

At Jessup, we believe that when you earn a graduate degree through a private Christ-centered university, you’ll receive an education that enriches every area of your life….

An Affordable Education Within Reach

As a gift-based missionary kid, Noah Classen was unsure if his family could afford private higher education. But he was encouraged to apply for Jessup University’s Biology Program Scholar Award, which he later received—along with other scholarships and grants….

Jessup Theatre's Peter Pan
Jessup Theatre Puts Innovative Spin on Peter Pan

Inspired by the skills of their students, Jessup Theatre takes an acro-aerial approach to flying. …

Scholar Showcase 2023
Scholar Showcase: Fostering Excellence Among Generation Z

Jessup University’s annual Scholar Showcase is an exclusive event where students who have demonstrated academic and extracurricular excellence get to connect, celebrate their hard work,…