Jessup Offers New Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemistry

Jessup Offers New Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemistry

This fall, we’re excited to expand our Biology Department by offering a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry. 

An Expanded Degree Path

For over a decade, Jessup has offered an excellent biology education for Traditional Undergraduate students preparing for medical school, pharmacy school, nursing, dental, veterinary medicine, etc. Within this program, we also provide a robust Environmental Science concentration that leads to prosperous careers in environmental conservation and consulting. 

This new expansion to biochemistry allows us to better serve all our biology students. Typically, students who major in biology pursue a wide range of medical and health careers, including pure research, environmental science, forensic science, and food science.


Our bachelor’s degree in biochemistry includes full-year courses of Foundational Biology, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, and several options for additional biochemistry elective courses like Inorganic Chemistry.

This program prepares students for medical school, pharmacy school, research-driven graduate programs, or direct entry into the workforce as lab technicians in the fields of food or water testing, toxicology, or forensics.  

What Faculty Are Saying

“Students at Jessup receive the benefit of small class sizes and personal connection with faculty in a Christ-centered learning community,” shared Stephanie Everhart, Associate Professor for Jessup’s School of Natural & Applied Sciences. “We engage students to integrate their faith in all aspects of learning and character building.”

All biology and biochemistry students complete our Origins: An Intersection of Faith and Science course, along with the Senior Seminar capstone course. These guide students on their journey toward discovering how faith and academic learning are intricately connected. Graduates will have targeted employability skills for success and be well-prepared for advanced training in medical school, dentistry, veterinary medicine, pharmacology, and biochemistry research.  

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Jessup University’s Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry program is designed to provide students with the foundational knowledge of chemistry, biology, and biochemistry. After completing this program, graduates will have a firm understanding of the types and mechanisms of chemical reactions that are relevant and essential for human function and analyze conditions that promote and/or interfere with healthful biochemical functions.

Learn more about Jessup’s School of Natural & Applied Sciences and see if our bachelor’s degree in biochemistry is right for you!