Have you found your calling?

Have you found your calling?

Consider a Master’s in Leadership from Jessup

Are you looking for your calling? Are you searching for a meaningful, impactful role that is more of a purpose than a career? If you are inspired to serve others, a Master’s Degree in Leadership can enable you to find fulfillment in a variety of positions, from Church Administrator to Senior Pastor.

At Jessup, we believe it is possible to live a life of purpose and service. Jessup offers students a comprehensive, well-rounded education with a spiritual foundation. The Master’s in Leadership program is geared toward spiritual leadership and aims to prepare students for lives of meaningful service. Graduates of Jessup’s program will be qualified for roles in Christian ministry such as congregational leadership, mission management, and non-profit work.

Designed to address the need in today’s world for more reliable and trustworthy leaders, Jessup’s Master’s in Leadership program has a unique spiritual formation curriculum, designed to help students gain an understanding of the true meaning of leadership. Jessup believes leadership is centered in collaboration, rather than in personal gain. With the guidance of distinguished faculty, all of whom have both real-world experience in ministry leadership and proven subject matter expertise, Jessup students examine the fundamental principles and theories of leadership.

Jessup’s Master’s in Leadership program provides a comprehensive overview of Christian leadership and how it applies to one’s emotional, mental, spiritual, and social wellness. Students learn the elements of organizational leadership, as well as how to identify and resolve conflicts and how to manage stress. The ministry concentration portion of the degree includes five courses that explore topics such as spiritual disciplines, church life and leadership. A capstone course is required of all students, in which the student is able to exhibit their research, communication, and analytical thinking skills in a workplace-related project while integrating Biblical, personal and professional aspects.

Consisting of 36 credit hours in 17 total courses, the Master’s in Leadership program is completely online! Studying online has many perks; students complete their work on their own schedule, perfect for working students or those with family responsibilities. Plus, the courses take half the time to complete compared to those on campus!

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