Training Future Fitness Professionals

Training Future Fitness Professionals

Jessup’s kinesiology program has teamed with the National Academy of Sports Medicine to provide elite fitness training and certification.

Jessup’s kinesiology program is proud to announce an exciting new partnership with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). Through this partnership, students have the opportunity to obtain a certification in personal training that’s aligned with one of Jessup’s kinesiology courses, Exercise Leadership and Personal Training. This course and certification integrate Jessup’s cutting-edge curriculum with NASM’s state-of-the-art training methodology, preparing future fitness professionals for careers in the exercise, sports, and health industries.

“Our mission is to improve global fitness and wellness by empowering students with the knowledge and tools to transform lives,” said Laurie McCartney, president of NASM. “Through this exciting collaboration with William Jessup University’s kinesiology program, we’re making our highly sought-after programs much more accessible, and we’re creating a long-term career path for health and fitness professionals looking to advance their education.”

Students who complete the personal training certification program can conduct accurate fitness assessments, recruit and retain clients, develop evidence-based exercise programs, teach and demonstrate proper techniques, and challenge clients to improve their overall fitness and quality of life.

“Our goal is to create a fitness training experience like no other,” said Parker Daniells, Lead Faculty of Kinesiology. “That’s why we aligned ourselves with NASM. They’re the industry leaders, setting the bar around the world for fitness certification. We knew they would best prepare our students for successful careers as fitness professionals.”

This certification is also open to Jessup students who are part of other university programs or departments. Any Jessup student seeking to obtain a personal training certificate has the opportunity to take the course and sit for the exam pending they have the prerequisites for the course. They can receive this certification in addition to their chosen undergraduate degree.

For more information about the personal training certificate or Jessup’s kinesiology program, contact Parker Daniells (