Educational Benefits for Veterans: How you can use your GI Bill Benefits at Jessup University

Educational Benefits for Veterans: How you can use your GI Bill Benefits at Jessup University

If you have served in the military, Thank You! At William Jessup University, we are thankful to you for serving our country and therefore want to serve you. We understand that completing your studies and transitioning to a career after serving in the military can be difficult. At Jessup, we take part in programs that help current active-duty military members and Veterans pursue their educational and professional goals. We offer many benefits and advantages to Veterans, and we are a proud participant of the Yellow Ribbon Program. Jessup also offers the U.S. Army Women’s Foundation Legacy Scholarship. If you are unsure of your benefits and how to receive them, call us at (855) WJU-GRAD, or read on to learn more! 

What Types of College Military Benefits Are Available to Me?

Not sure how to get started? Visit the official VA site to explore your options. There are various types of bills that the federal government offers in support of active military and veterans. The GI Bill Comparison Tool is a helpful way to determine which educational programs are available to you and allows you to compare benefits by the school. Qualifications and conditions for military benefits vary, but you don’t need to figure any of this out alone. At William Jessup University, we have dedicated Military Finance Specialists to assist you in identifying and applying to use your VA benefits. Call us at (855) WJU-GRAD at any time for help.

Why Choose WJU for Using Your Military Benefits?

You’ve worked hard for your military career, and there is no better way to build on your experience than to find a profession that challenges you and keeps you motivated. At WJU, we are proud of our many students who have served in the military. These Veterans come to us for their education because Jessup offers comprehensive benefits and complete support for military students. 

Jessup has been rated the #2 Best College for Veterans by U.S. News and was also awarded a top 5 spot in the Best Value category. Rated the #2 Best College in Regional Colleges West, Jessup is an overall excellent choice for any student looking for a Christ-centered quality education in Northern California. 

William Jessup University is also a member of the Yellow Ribbon Program. If you are a military veteran at the 100-percent benefit level, the Yellow Ribbon program will cover most, if not all, of your tuition and fees. For Veteran students who have exhausted all of their military benefits, Jessup offers tuition discounts of  $250 per credit hour for active-duty members and $335 per credit hour for Veterans.

Additionally, eligible Jessup students may apply for the U.S. Army Women’s Foundation Legacy Scholarship. This scholarship provides current and Veteran women soldiers and their lineal descendants grants in order to help them achieve their personal and professional goals. Eligible students may receive up to $2,500 per year. 

At Jessup, we understand many of our military and Veteran students need or prefer flexible scheduling options, and so Jessup offers many programs in an online format. These highly focused online programs often appeal to military professionals, who find that flexibility can be tailored to the unpredictable demands of a military career. For a complete listing of our online programs and courses, please visit

Jessup also understands that, as Veterans, you come to us with a valuable and worthwhile experience. That’s why our Adult Degree Completion programs may allow you to apply your prior military training and occupational experience toward your degree. We will evaluate your service and ensure that you receive appropriate credit for your experience. Visit for a comprehensive description of using your military benefits at William Jessup University. 

If you are interested in using your military benefits to attend an accredited, Christ-centered school, then WJU is a great choice! At Jessup, we welcome active-military and Veteran students. We believe that by equipping the next generation of world leaders, we are helping to advance a better world. Call us at (855) WJU-GRAD, or visit our website at, to get started today!

Resources for Veteran Students:

Applying for your VA education benefits can be done in any of the following ways:

Apply online HERE 

• Visit your nearest VA regional office to apply in person.

• Call 1-888-GI BILL-1 (888-442-4551) to have the application mailed to you.

• Consult with the VA Certifying Official at the school of your choice; this official will have application
forms and can help you apply. Jessup has trained Military Finance Specialists who are VA School Certifying Officials to help guide you. 
Provides comprehensive information about the education benefits offered by the VA.
Transitioning to civilian life takes preparation, research, planning, and the right tools, the GI Bill Comparison Tool can help you make the right decisions on where to use your hard-earned benefits. Using this tool, veterans can learn about which educational programs are available to them, and can compare benefits by the school.
Provides information about the post-911 GI Bill, which has a few specific components that are unavailable in other GI Bill programs.
Provides information about the Yellow Ribbon program and allows users to search for participating schools by State.
Provides information about the Montgomery GI Bill.