Are you suited for a career in Counseling Psychology?

Are you suited for a career in Counseling Psychology?

Are you scientifically minded but also enjoy interacting and communicating with others? Are you fascinated by the workings of the human mind? Would you like to help people cope with their problems and improve their lives? Do you want to make a difference in hundreds of people’s lives? If so, a career in Counseling Psychology might be the right choice for you!

The discipline of psychology is rooted in the scientific quest to understand human thought and behavior. The field of Counseling Psychology is based on the idea that understanding the way the human mind works will lead to applications and therapies that improve people’s lives. As a service, psychology offers the promise that through therapy and counseling, a variety of emotional, behavioral, and social problems may be mitigated and a greater sense of happiness, well-being, and fulfillment may be attained. Counseling Psychologists are the professionals that specialize in facilitating this process.

Counseling Psychology focuses on utilizing the science of human behavior to help people deal with the ordinary and extraordinary challenges and circumstances of life through therapy and counseling. A Counseling Psychologist listens attentively to their client’s issues and provides strategies grounded in psychology to modify behavior and improve quality of life. Counseling Psychologists usually meet regularly with their clients, on a weekly basis for example, to help them improve their well-being, alleviate stress, resolve problems, and increase their ability to function well in their personal, professional, and social lives.

If you are interested in becoming a Counseling Psychologist, a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology is the first step. The Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology program at William Jessup University is a great option for individuals looking for a complete, well-rounded education with a Christ-centered focus. At Jessup, students are prepared for the challenges of a career in the mental health profession by applying current psychological theory, integrated with Biblical principles throughout the curriculum. At Jessup, the M.A. in Counseling Psychology is a graduate degree that meets California state requirements for the Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) and the Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) licenses. Graduates from Jessup’s program are prepared to pursue Doctoral degrees or enter into careers in Counseling for Individuals/Couples/Children/Families; Consulting; Agency Affiliations; and Churches/Ministry Affiliations.

The M.A. in Counseling Psychology at William Jessup University can be completed in a little more than two years. Students generally take three or four courses per semester, and each course meets one night per week. At the end of the program, each student will complete a Final Capstone project.

If you are interested in pursuing a career as a Counseling Psychologist then it is a good idea to check out the program at William Jessup University!