You’re Never too Young to Pursue Your Dreams

You’re Never too Young to Pursue Your Dreams

Ambitious is an understatement when it comes to describing Jessup business student and soon to be graduate, Caleb Landon. At the age of 20, Landon graduates this April and is already the CEO of his company, Landon Capital Group. 

From a young age, Landon exhibited an insatiable hunger for knowledge and a strong drive to surpass expectations. While his peers experienced more typical stages of academic progression, Landon enrolled in his first college course at Jessup when he was just 11 years old. “My dad’s a math teacher, and every year, when I was homeschooled, he taught me two years of math in one,” Landon said. “So by the time I was in middle school, I completed all my high school math units.” 

Feeding his entrepreneurial spirit, at 12, he started to take Jessup’s business courses while attending Forest Lake Christian School in Auburn. There he completed high school, played soccer and saved whatever he earned from his part-time job that later positioned him to launch his business. After graduating high school with two years of college credit under his belt, Landon went to Ravencrest, a Bible college in Colorado, and took a gap year. In the fall of 2021, he returned to Jessup to complete his degree.  

During that time, he started a job as a financial analyst managing stock portfolios with a real estate investment firm. He also gained experience working in the investment side of the company, dealing with market research and acquisitions. This experience helped him to not only learn the industry, but implement more efficient processes such as developing artificial intelligence (AI) strategies to help cut costs. 

Meanwhile, his Jessup education helped further develop the skill set he learned at an early age and introduced him to like-minded motivators. “I knew I wanted to stay in Placer County because my family is here, but I’ve made so many connections through Jessup that wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t come here in the first place,” he said. “Dr. Jackson has introduced me to so many people and I’ve learned a lot from my professors. My International Business class was amazing and Dr. Yang has also been a great mentor.” 

Juggling coursework and countless late nights, Landon tirelessly pursued a vision within him. Inspired by skyrocketing rent prices and the desire to provide affordable housing, he launched his company at just 19 years old. What started as a humble venture is now a full-fledged company making multimillion-dollar deals. His innovative solutions and tireless work ethic propelled him to the mobile home park and RV market where he secures investors to purchase and improve properties. Landon Capital Group owns 82 lots across the United States in Iowa and Texas.

Committed to keeping rental rates low, Landon also gives back to the community by maintaining facilities, paving roads, giving tenants gift cards, creating playgrounds and ensuring renters requests are addressed by onsite managers. He continues to fine tune operations, even developing AI algorithms to improve rent paying processes for tenants. 

Yet, Landon’s journey isn’t without trials. He’s weathered setbacks and sacrifices, confronting challenges that tested his resolve and resilience.“Most people don’t realize how much work is involved in getting a business off the ground and running,” he said. “Sometimes I work 80 hours a week. I’ve learned to keep persevering and not take no for an answer. There have been times I thought about giving up, but I’ve realized there are solutions to most issues, you have to keep working at it.”

After graduation, Landon plans to marry his fiance, Chloe whom he met at Jessup. When he does have free time, he skateboards, golfs and hangs out with friends. For now He feels the Lord calling him to dedicate more time to another aspect of his business. “I sense the Lord calling me to develop a nonprofit side to my business and I want to honor that,” he said. 

As the sun sets on the collegiate chapter of his life, Landon is well positioned for the next phase of his journey as the Lord leads him through the marketplace and beyond, making life better for tenants one household at a time.