Serving Our Neighbors

Serving Our Neighbors

As the footprint surrounding the Jessup campus continues to expand and grow within the region, the University seeks to be a good neighbor, reaching out to those within our midst. Located just down University Avenue from the Jessup campus sits Ansel Park, a robust senior living community. Many of the residents make their way to Jessup Music and Theatre performances or grab a bite to eat in the farm-to-fork Crossroads Cafe.

“We initially reached out to Ansel Park to determine if we could help connect their residents with our campus,” said Director of Women’s Philanthropy, Marcie Lemos. “It turns out that conversation led to an initial meeting that fostered ongoing deep and meaningful relationships to this day. The blessing goes both ways. We love our Ansel Park friends and our students have been greatly blessed by their love and belief in them!” 

Last year, Lemos and Jessup’s Advancement team went to Ansel Park to give an overview of their work for the University. Residents had the opportunity to learn firsthand about the Jessup legacy. As the presentation wrapped up, residents participated in a trivia game that tested their knowledge of Jessup. Participants received Jessup swag and had a wonderful time making new relationships and sharing stories about grandkids, neighbors or former coworkers who have attended Jessup. 

Earlier this year, Advancement team members hosted a paint event for residents including materials to create their masterpieces as well as step-by-step instructions to complete the project. A full campus tour is slated for residents during the early summer months.

Lemos recently hosted a group of residents this spring in our Crossroads Cafe. Residents were able to experience the laughter of students echoing in the air as they made their way across campus riding in golf carts. “Gone are the days of monotonous routines at senior living communities,” Ansel Park Lifestyle Director Becky Cha said. “We want our residents to know that each day is filled with possibilities, especially with Jessup right across the street. From sporting events to art shows to music, there are numerous ways for our residents to connect.”