Letter from the President

Letter from the President

At the end of every year, I pray for a word from Jesus. I almost always think of the word “breakthrough,” as I’m regularly praying about how to get past obstacles and barriers. This year, rather than focusing on the breakthrough of barriers, the word that has been on my heart is “exponential.” The word did not surprise me, but I was surprised by my reaction to the word. I felt fear at first. Exponential meant more and faster. And, to be frank, I was not sure I could handle more and faster.

But the Holy Spirit then reassured me. Exponential not only means more and faster, it means more resources, more people, and more systems and solutions. God is the God of all supply. He has promised that if we trust Him in full measure, we will receive way more than we give Him (Proverbs 3:5-6, Luke 6:38). So, my constant prayer these past weeks has been that Jessup and I both would entrust ALL to Him.

These are days of great faith! God is working among us at Jessup. In this issue, you will read about the gift of the Multnomah Campus of Jessup University that will now carry on a legacy in Oregon. Jessup has become a multi-campus University and we will do so with excellence in the regions of Sacramento, San Jose, Portland and beyond. Every one of these places needs Jesus and needs Christ-centered transformational leaders educated and equipped for life and ministry. 

At my inauguration in 2011, I said Jessup would have five nationally ranked programs. Built on the foundation of Bible/theology and humanities. Jessup now is building that national reputation in psychology, health science, education, business, and is beginning to gain traction in leadership. The future at Jessup will burn bright as we serve students on campus, online, and in hybrid formats to achieve certificates, undergraduate and graduate degrees. Christ, community, and culture are not slogans at Jessup, they are our animating operating systems.

So what is your role as a faithful supporter of Jessup? I would plead with you for three things:

  1. 1. Pray for the exponential increase of Jessup faithfulness to the mission, for our faculty, staff, students, and leadership.
  2. 2. Share the message about Jessup’s educational experience for you and your families to access our programs in one of our locations, online, or in one of our artistic or athletic venues.
  3. 3. Continue to be faithful to support the University with your finances so we can make Jessup affordable. We have not raised tuition since 2020 and will continue to fight the ravages of inflation with generous scholarships supported by our faithful community of donors.

Jessup is exponential in 2024 and beyond. Thank YOU for being part of the work of God in our world through Jessup University!

Exponential without Fear,

John Jackson, Ph.D.