Jessup’s MBA Students and Alumni Partner with the City of Lincoln 

Jessup’s MBA Students and Alumni Partner with the City of Lincoln 

Jessup’s MBA students and alumni are hard at work establishing a business incubator for the city of Lincoln – what was once considered America’s fastest growing city. 

Advising the project is Jessup’s MBA Director, Ken Raskin who brings an impressive history working, consulting and strategizing with numerous large enterprise companies including the Golden State Warriors, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Oracle, Tesla and VMware.

“The current primary focus of the ongoing incubator project is to identify areas of interest or industries that currently lack representation in the Greater Sacramento area and align with Lincoln’s specialities, with consideration for the city’s potential for future growth,” Raskin said.

The city shares Jessup’s excitement in this endeavor. “I believe that forging a partnership with Jessup University‘s MBA students to establish a business incubator is crucial for our community’s growth,” said Economic Development Committee member, Whitney Eklund. “Incubators play a vital role in boosting a community’s economy.”

Initial research will assess potential industry strengths for the city of Lincoln. The incubator has identified three areas of focus, or “clusters,” including the semiconductor, agriculture, and drone industries. 

Bosch’s recent acquisition of TSI Semiconductors brings the United States chipmaker to Roseville, creating an excellent opportunity for growth in the area. A boom in job opportunities is imminent as Bosch expands its semiconductor business to produce chips for electric vehicles that increase a car’s range and charge efficiency.

The incubator plans to investigate agriculture projects in the region. Lincoln High School is home to the largest agricultural program west of the Mississippi. As a result, there is opportunity to modernize and integrate new technologies, and position Lincoln as a leader in the agricultural sector. 

The team also plans to explore the future use of drones. The Greater Sacramento Economic Council research indicates a lack of innovation in this sector, therefore exploring opportunities in drone technology could be a strategic move for Lincoln.

Serving as project manager for the incubator is Jessup MBA and undergraduate alumna, Sara Fasig. “After earning my MBA, I’m getting recruited for a variety of high level positions I never dreamed of,” Fasig said. “The program taught me to be confident and godly in a corporate world. One of the biggest compliments I’ve received is when people notice something different about the way I conduct myself. I have Jessup to thank for that.” 

Participating in this project helps Fasig and other alumni serve as role models to those students currently pursuing their MBA.