Growing Her Faith God’s Way | Nita Parham 

Growing Her Faith God’s Way | Nita Parham 

Nita Parham, made her way to Jessup literally with the faith of a mustard seed. “I heard a radio advertisement about Jessup and felt the Holy Spirit nudging me to enroll. Even though I thought, ‘Really God…me?,’ I was obedient and applied,” she said. It wasn’t long before the mother of five found herself immersed in a vibrant campus atmosphere where she actively shares her love for the Lord and plugs into opportunities as He opens doors.

Parham’s life narrative is a testament to unwavering faith amidst trials. “I’ve always known God is with me and know the benefits of a relationship with the Lord. I’ve had a difficult life and I’m living proof that you can go through a “Job” season and emerge closer to God than ever,” the business major said. 

Her resilience shines through her survival of domestic violence, showcasing how her faith has been her anchor, turning trials into triumphs. At Jessup, she’s learning to thrive. “God doesn’t want us to merely survive. He wants us to flourish,” she said.

Diving head first into campus culture, Parham found herself cast as Tiger Lily in Jessup Theatre’s fall production of Peter Pan. “There is no question that God wanted me in Jessup’s theatre community,” Parham said. “I received a letter from financial aid explaining I was short funds to attend Jessup. Within minutes, I saw a campus-wide email explaining Jessup Theatre’s urgent need to fill the role for the character Tiger Lily. I applied immediately and ended up getting the part and receiving a scholarship that allowed me to make ends meet.” Parham currently lives on campus in the Block apartments and also serves as a student ambassador helping prospective students and their families throughout the admissions process.

Embracing her spiritual growth, Parham observes, “With each new level of faith, new challenges emerge. But it’s an opportunity to be the light in the darkness, to find strength in community rather than isolation.” Her commitment to service is evident in her volunteer work with various organizations, including The South Placer Area Relief Team Network (SPARTAN) and How 2 Love Our Cops, among others. Currently penning her memoirs, Parham is weaving her remarkable life story into a narrative of hope and resilience.

As a transfer student, Parham has a resume with an interesting history. Most recently, she was an employment specialist for a non-profit organization that works to help people with disabilities find meaningful employment. She also managed a national grocery chains’ deli counter, worked at a culinary service for surgeons, served as a foster parent, volunteered as a cheer coordinator and worked with the Sacramento County Office of Education teaching youth and teenagers.

Parham’s journey is nothing short of inspiring. As she navigates her academic journey at Jessup, she remains open to the paths earning her education will unveil. Her story is a powerful reminder of the transformative power of faith, resilience, and the unyielding pursuit of growth.