Environmental Science Program Delivers a Meaningful Career

Environmental Science Program Delivers a Meaningful Career

Jessup wasn’t Kasia Kaphan’s first college choice but after just one semester at a state university left her feeling disconnected, she decided to learn more about the greater Sacramento region’s only four-year, WASC accredited, private Christian university. “I told myself if I could enroll at Jessup and pay the same I was paying for my education in the state system, I would transfer,” she said. With financial aid and scholarships, that is exactly what happened. “I started Jessup during spring semester and instantly fell in love with the community.”

Graduating with her bachelor’s degree in environmental science in 2021, Kaphan started working at Mountain G. Enterprises, Inc. in Folsom. Her first position involved working in the field until a position opened as a GIS technician, so she eagerly applied. “I was interested in the opportunity because I took a GIS course at Jessup. I liked it and knew I could do the job,” she said. She has been in that role for over a year. “Being familiar with GIS made my transition a lot easier,” she said.

Kaphan also served as a research assistant to Dr. McGrann, another valuable college experience that helps her on the job. “I work with PG&E officials and feel comfortable communicating with them. I think my experience working with IBE members helped me gain confidence in this area,” she said.

Kaphan has always loved the outdoors. “I knew I wanted to do something to help protect the environment and learn about God’s creation. Basically everything about it interests me!” Looking back on her education at Jessup, she enjoyed many of her classes, particularly her environmental ethics and environmental chemistry courses. Of note is the way that faith and science are woven together throughout Jessup’s curriculum. “All my classes provided the world’s view and God’s view. My professors presented various approaches and I really appreciated that because it allowed me to make meaningful decisions about my faith that I could share with others and build upon, even after I graduated.”